Sep 27, 2010

Meeting New People (part 4)

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Seriously, this MNP thing is addictive.

Spring Rolls on Queen street.

I met up with Rasilla last week for lunch and shopping =D I've been following her blog for quite sometime now and we both love Annabelle Cosmetics =D

Rasilla! Well... her phone at least.

Meet Rasilla (not her real name btw) everyone =) She knows the invisible spell.

Mamma Mia.

I ordered the Mamma Mia - Strawberry and Guava Smoothie - it was really sweet, almost too sweet. So while looking through the drink menu, I told Rasilla I wanted alcohol, but then I decided not to since it was only 5pm. I actually made the right decision because I had a night class that day and received a surprise in-class group assignment and presentation o_O O-M-G. I would've been so out of it if I did have a drink lol!

Pad Thai.

Rasilla ordered House Chicken Pad Thai. Looks yummy!

Photo Credit: Spring Rolls

So I ordered the popular Thai Royal Castle . Seriously, this dish was a joke. First of all, it didn't even look like this picture from the menu!

Thai Royal Castle

This is what it actually looked like. As you can see, the first image has the rice CONTAINED in half a pineapple on a clean, white dish. Nothing is overflowing and very pleasant looking right? But what they gave me was a plate of overflowing food on a quarter of a pineapple with a random unexpected sheet of egg. Though they "tried" to make it look asthetically pleasing with the extra garnish, I still wanted something that looked exactly like the picture! I wonder what would happen if I actually made a complaint to the resturaunt. I should've been THAT bitchy customer hahaaa. Anyway, the story didn't end there. As I was eating, I realized that the more I ate, the more food I had left on my plate. How was it even possible you ask? Like I mentioned earlier, the pineapple was quarter sized so they piled the rice on top and tried to cover it with the egg. As I started working through the egg and rice, the rice started spreading to the side. Yes it might've looked like I was getting more bang for my buck but it also made me look like I didn't enjoy the food, which I did enjoy actually. I especially loved the pineapple pieces! They could work on the gigantic chicken pieces and the bland shrimp though. Rasilla and I had a good laugh out of it so it was all good.

Blushberry - Frozen Yogurt.

We went for frozen yogurt as desert afterwards which was just around the corner from Spring Rolls. My first experience with frozen yogurt! They had the tables out that day so we sat outside. It was a really nice day (with the exception that it was kinda windy).

Medium with Blackberry, and one raspberry

Rasilla's frozen yogurt. We both wanted to try the green tea flavour but they didn't have any... they pretty much didn't have anything WE wanted omg. What luck. I was very jealous of her large blackberries hahaaa they were overflowing!!! I think she originally wanted raspberries but like I said they didn't have any of the ingredients we wanted so she opted for the blackberries. And somehow she sweet talked the guy into giving her the extra raspberry =p jkjk, it was the last one left.

Small with blueberry and strawberry.

I love my berries too ^_^ Well I wanted mango and blueberry initially but they didn't have mango ARGGGGGG. Seriously! The blueberries ended up being a little sour but still yummy over all. Too bad this place is so close to my school that I may end up going there more often than I should haha.

So after we finished eating, I pulled out my laptop and we took pictures with photo booth =D The effects never get old LOL! But we'll keep the silliness private for now =p


  1. WHY! WHY must you show pictures of food that I am craving at this moment :(...

    I had pad thai at a event I was volunteering for and it gave me the worst case of food poisoning ever :(. I think it was because I loaded it up with too much of the peanut sauce XD.

    HOLY NUTCRACKERS, I'm tempted to start eating my monitor right now. I WANT THAT YOGOURT *RAWR*

  2. Yummy!!!!! More food :D It looks amazing. Gosh... you and BrutalTurtle, tempting us all with food -__-

    How did you get the berries to go perfectly all around the yogurt? I just dump mine and it's an explosion of fruits and mochi balls. Hahaha.

  3. omgoodness! my friend told me about blush berry but i still haven't had the chance to go try it for myself! looks delish but sucks they had nothing u guys wanted!

    and i hate spring rolls! their service and food sucks :P at least in the area i went to!

  4. Yum! Looked like it was fun, but the weather here has been so crappy lately. -_-

    I've never been to the Queen St. Spring Rolls. How was the service and food?

    I always see blushberry, but never actually went in. I must try this place out.

  5. Replying to your comment:
    Ouu I have the Longchamp in navy. The price is not that bad though, it's only about $200! :D Mine was a gift from my boyfriend and friends though. :P

  6. Thanks for following me back! How very sweet of you... :D

    Why does everyone post so much food!! I'm getting hungry... BTW that Pad Thai looks delicious, and eventhough the Thay Royal Castle looks a bit... odd... you did get a lot of food for your money :P

    I've never had frozen yoghurt, I guess it's not really something they do around here, never even seen a commercial or anything for it. But it looks yummy, especially the one with blackberries!

  7. omg those food looks gorgeous! and the pictures are nice ^^ lol yea it happensto me, the food never looks like the picture -__- at least you enjoyed it ^^

  8. wow, the pineapple rice thing you got looks awfully... appetizing. NOT! how deceiving! what you got looks like scoops and scoops of egg salad. =/

  9. The picture on the site is from another planet lol. I've never had blushberry before but I guess it's similar to pink berry and red mango?

  10. The MSF is the only thing I have that is actually my current skin tone... x_x My neck is still extremely tan from my vacation, so even my concealer is a tad too light.. It's funny, because I'm normally Caspar white, begging to be nice and tan... Now I'm hoping my tan will fade faster before I'm unable to defeat the urge to buy new foundation!

  11. okay...seriously...
    I would have been PISSED had I remembered that was what it SHOULD have looked like!
    I mean I know I ends up all the same in our stomach...
    BUT this seriously looks like an omelette rice thing they serve at fastfood asian places!

    :( sorry, I guess I was too occupied with stuffing my face, that I really didn't make that connection. I mean I remembered it being slightly different...but not to this extent!

    but I did have fun~
    and i love the photobooth pics XD oh man u were too funny!

  12. Hey Spring Rolls! I pass the one on Dundas all the time but never have eaten there. LOL I can't believe that dish looks so different!!!! They should have just told you they don't have the ingredients needed to make it. That plating just looks awful.

    Haha can you imagine if I did fiddle with the controls for the ttc door? It'd be so bad! Especially considering people's safety. Hope no one else thought of that idea ><

  13. Oh! Did you go to Ajisen Ramen? How was it? :)

  14. Kenzo Ramen?? I have to try!!