Aug 31, 2011

A Dilly of a Pickle.

60-hour work weeks are over!!! What better way to celebrate than with food?! No surprise here right?

Honey Black Tea with Tapioca + Buttered Toast

I was wearing a lace dress for camp's Staff Appreciation Night. I left early to have a late night snack at Go for Tea haha. Al said since I was so dressed up that night, he'd dress up too so we can both look fancy for bubble tea LOL, go figure. I apologize for the graininess of this picture (didn't want to turn on flash). But here ya go, my first Go for Tea (dine-in) experience.

The other day, we picked up a couple of things at the mall and had a late lunch at Pickle Barrel.

Grilled Salmon with Maple Syrup & Mixed Nut Sauce

Grilled salmon fillet with toasted mixed nut pieces and maple syrup glaze served with Napa lettuce, red peppers and snow peas in a sesame dressing.

I love maple syrup on pancakes... but who knew it would be orgasmic on salmon?! "Twas yummy to the tummy. Not a fan of the warm veggies though (yuck).

Spanish Paella

Flavoured rice, mussels, black tiger shrimp, chicken, bell peppers, sausage, plum tomatoes, onions, zucchini, carrots, and mushrooms.

This was just alright, definitely not as yummy as the salmon. I think the mix of mussels, shrimp, sausage and chicken threw me off. Too much meat and seafood in one dish. Guess Paella isn't really my thing. Oh wellz.

40th anniversary ruby red velvet cake mini dessert.

I thought this was a cake.. but really it was an 80% cream cheese and 20% cake sort of thing - and I loved it - enough said.

So we needed the bill after indulging in our desert but our waiter was nowhere in sight for 20 minutes!!! The place wasn't even busy since it was like 4 O'clock. I was pretty fed up.

Me: Dare me to not tip?
Al: Yup.
Me: Ok.

So when another waitress finally walked by, we asked for our bill and what do you know? Our waiter returned but didn't even bother coming to our table to check up on us! Our time is valuable thank you very much. End of rant~

Aug 14, 2011

We can do whatever, be whoever we like.

Ever since August had begun, my energy level just went downhill =( Mainly because I haven't been going to bed at 10pm like I usually do lol But omg, only two more weeks of camp left! It's gonna be a bittersweet goodbye D=

Minnie Mouse

Every Wednesday is a themed day at camp and everyone is encourage to dress up! This is probably my most successful one hehe. One of my campers let me wear her gloves. I seriously want a pair now! Do they sell these at the Disney store? (or perhaps this calls for a trip down to Florida! haha)


Lol, drawing on another staff's knee on a moving school bus XD Fun times fun times.

Kids: is that permanent?
Me: YES! It's a tattoo.
Kids: but that's a pen.
Me: well it's a permanent pen *smiles*
Kids: *confused*
Me: Ok it's washable.
Kids: *relief*

Claymation Slide

Being at camp these past weeks made me realize that I missed out a lot as a kid. Why didn't my parents send me to camp? All those summers I just sat at home and watched t.v., wasted. :( But luckily, while I only worked half days these past couple of days, I was able to crash other camps and relive my childhood! I will share my creations in a future post :) As for now, I need to sit back and relax the rest of my Sunday.