Sep 12, 2010

Change, again.

Current Songs: Hilary Duff - So Yesterday // Matt Goss - It's The End Of The Road

First week of school went by quickly. Every class was cut short because well.. there weren't much to teach on the first days. 12 more weeks of school left for me (yes I'm counting down already). Here's a summary of what happened during the first week of school.

Tues: Some girl payed her bus fare with six handfuls of change. I think using change is great but there's certainly a limit to everything. Not only was she holding up the line but she also made everyone listen to the annoying coin processing sound for over a minute.

Requested by Joanna! This is the only clothing item I bought from CNE and I just had to wear it on the first day of school. Lately I've been loving the tucked in look!

Wed: Soon after I got on the bus, one of the back tires started smoking and started emitting a burning plastic/rubber smell. Everyone had to get off the bus and wait for the next bus. Mind you the first bus was already 10 minutes late and we waited another 20 minutes for the next bus. It was also during after school hour so the bus became jam packed by the time everyone got on. Moral of the story: public transportation is not reliable and avoid rush hours at all cost.

On a happier note, I came home to find out that my mom found a $20 bill just outside the house. So it is possible to find bills on the floor and not just coins.

Thurs: Free corn roast at school. I ate two corns because they were that good. This year they didn't ask for student i.d.'s so any stranger on the street could've gotten free corn lol. I tweeted that the yearly 6k tuition gets me two things for free from the school; corns and a planner.


Also I finally received my first official assignment for the semester. This assignment requires me to drink wine O_O I'll be sharing it with a friend so let's see how long it'll take me to drink half a bottle! By the way, I'm an extremely light drinker...

Fri: The only day of the week I have to wake up at 5:30am to get ready for an 8:30am class. I went shopping after class since class ended at only 10am. On the way home I handed in another resume at a store that's currently hiring. I had to complete a questionaire on the spot with some quite tricky questions which I didn't expect. I stumbled on 25% of the questions wow.

I don't usually blog about an entire week of my life in a single blog post because I find it quite boring to read. But I tried my best to highlight some of the less boring stuff that happened. There won't be too many blog posts like this in the future because it's not really my style but I hope you guys enjoyed reading this anyway.

ADDED Sept 12 1:30pm: I got an interview for that resume I handed in on Friday! I guess I didn't fail the questionaire haha! If I get this job, there will be some serious changes in my life! It's time to put myself first for once and I'm ready to take on the world!!! (a little too dramatic?) I need this break in my life and I'm sacrificing a class already to go to the interview. I hope it pays off.


  1. Was this the TTC? They should make it like Mississauga transit where it counts the coins for you. I found a $20 bill in the CNE parking lot last week! Love your boots btw

  2. Ugh! hate when ppl do that to pay for their fare. I mean come on...take that crap to the bank or spend it on snacking. NOT for the buses :T

    and that shirt is too cute :)

  3. Totally loving that asymmetrical pocket! Congrats on getting the intervieww :)

    They have a Farmer's Market at my school in the parking lot and when I was driving in I saw some kids eating corn.. I had this weird moment of 'OMG do we go to the same school?!' Then I realized that you started classes last week and I'm just starting them now... LOL

  4. Hmmm that girl should try having her change counted and ready so that she doesn't hold up the line. LOL anyways, I don't use much of change (Yea, I know what you're gonna say Helen, but I just can't help it LOL)

    CONGRATS on landing your interview! =D

    - KC

  5. That tank is great! I also love the slanted pocket detail! (also congrats on the interview)


  6. thanks for following my blog mamasita! and congrats on the job! unemployment sucks ass :<

    i hope to get a second job hopefully! gotta think about winter presents, and whatnot

    jujmo xox

  7. Cute outfit! The shirt looks great tucked in a bit. I was on the TTC the other day and this girl had no change so she put in a $5 bill.. haha

    Btw look so familiar but I just can't place my finger on it. I swear I've seen you somewhere, online. haha Your photo with the Minnie Mouse ears is super familiar too. Refresh my memory please. LOL

  8. I don't know! Quite possibly, but I doubt it. haha Oh well :P

  9. its so great to find another canadian blogger in the GTA! thanks for the tips on the mac brush cleanser and congrats for the interview! where do you go for school??

  10. Oooh Upper Canada Mall sounds really intriguing lol but I don't even know where that is XD.

    I hope you get zhe job! You're not dramatic, I'm ready to take on the world to when I'm on a roll! =D

  11. hehe thank you ^__^ but i'm not :(

    goodluck with classes, mine dont start until another week :p

  12. Ooou nice shirt from CNE! I picked up a $5 jacket myself. :D

    LOL What kind of class asks you to drink wine as an assignment? (I want in) Is it a health/nutrition class or some psychedelic artsy assignment? ;)