May 27, 2011

from tea party to baking intervention

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I knew I needed an intervention when I couldn't remember the last time I baked. It's not my fault I swear! My family doesn't bake! We don't even have a goddamn mixer the last time I checked. And our oven? -only used to heat frozen pizza.


My friend has this giganticnormous bake book of all things CHOCOLATE. From cakes to cookies to drinks you name it. If you love chocolate and baking then look no further, this is your bible.


In goes the chocolate chips and walnuts! Smelled delicious. And no we weren't cooking the pot on the stove haha.


Just kidding.. it does look like vomit though. Yuck.
We had to do a lot of improvising with the ingredients and materials. It was a recipe for cupcakes but we didn't have the cupcake pan so it ended up being a cake. It was also suppose to be half whole wheat flour but we didn't want an interracial cake so we subbed for all purpose flour.


The picture in the book is very misleading. You can't get a dark cake if the ingredients are all light sheeesh.


Nonetheless, the cake turned out very yummy. And what better to go with it than tea? My two friends took the two pictures with their Polaroid cameras (super jealous). Right now, this poor uni student just can't afford $2/picture to play. Two cameras, one came out with a brown tint while the other came out with a green tint. If the Polaroid pic on the right looks weird to you, it's because I Photoshopped it into the picture haha.

May 13, 2011

Eggcellent Project

One of my favourite project of all times is the egg project from first year uni.

Assignment: Send a raw egg to the prof. via regular Canada Post.
The Challenge: use only two materials plus brown paper and twine.
The Catch: if the egg breaks during the process of mailing or unboxing, an automatic
-50% will be deducted from your grade for this assignment. Highest grade is awarded to "the smallest, most recyclable, most sustainably, most daring, most ingenius design".

The dreadful lineup

Mine was definitely not an ingenius design... but it was the 6th smallest :D It's cheaper to buy two dozen eggs than to mail one egg, seriously.

My box

I made my box with cardboard and yarn. Tied the sides of the box together and voila! The width measures at just 3" long!

Egg scarf?

I used the same yarn from the box and loomed the yarn to the desirable length - same way you'd loom a scarf. Wrapped it around the egg to protect it during the process of transporting and for decorative purposes.

In class

The label on my box actually said "send this egg to *insert address*" and that's when I realized that I had forgotten to cut off the "send this egg" part of the label LOL. The postman at the post office probably thought I was a crazy girl or something... oh well.

When the day came, the prof brought all the eggs he had received from the postman and we had to open one by one O_O Now, you have to be careful how you open it because if it breaks on the spot, you will get penalized. Good ol' me back in first year *sigh* My egg came in one piece :D wohoo!

The mess.

There was definitely a mess we made from all the unwrapping and unboxing. You can see a couple of designs from my fellow classmates. So what do you think? Cool project?

May 8, 2011

you see my dilemma?

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Hello cupcakes :) I'm glad everyone enjoyed my post on Pho! I will most definitely update you guys when I go for an XL in the near future.

So one thing I utterly hate about eating out is the wide range of food selection. Wide range is good for most people because it gives them choices. But for someone like me who has a hard time deciding even from the McDonald's menu (and already knowing the entire menu forward and backward), extensive menus overwhelm me. And trust me, Moxie's menu isn't nearly as bad as Chinese restaurants, especially those in plazas and malls.

Photo Credit: my friend Grace.

Anyway, nothing on the menu stood out to me, hence my expression. Perhaps this is why I don't do well in this type of settings? And why don't restaurants EVER have a picture for every dish that they offer? Wouldn't life be so much easier that way?


I really really wanted a salad but then I remembered that I needed to put on weight so I opted for something a little bit fattier :) I even said no to the salad as a side dish :(

Lobster & Brie Grilled Cheese + fries

Ta-da~! I know it looks plain but you would have never guessed that there was lobster meat between the toast hm? It was way too salty though – so salty it could make your blood pressure skyrocket. But knowing me, I probably needed the boost. The cheese and fries didn't do much for me either as I'm still faraway from ever having high cholesterol on my record.

Grilled Salmon Sandwich + tossed salad

My friend on the hand opted for something much healthier. Anyone had salmon sandwich before? I did have some of that side salad though :D LOVE cranberries!!!

Honey Roasted Garlic Top Sirloin + Double Baked Potato

My other friend ordered the ever so yummy looking steak. The baked potato seemed yummy but I was too full to try. Next time...


So apparently their brownie is delicious and I must now agree as well. The extra drizzled chocolate on the plate itself was so unnecessary but the ice cream and whipped cream complimented the warm brownie sooooooo well. I RECOMMEND!!! What a great desert to top off the meal.

May 4, 2011

Where's the M?

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Went to Chinatown for Pho a couple weeks ago with friends after we handed in our last Copywriting assignment.

Pho Hung.

The waiters here are 14-year old middle school boys who probably haven't hit puberty yet since they are shorter than me. Are they even legally allowed to work? But I praise them for getting a job at such a young age :)


Sometimes you will see restaurants skipping the small option and start with medium to make you think you're getting more bang for your buck. But here, they've skipped the medium option for Pho. I opted for the large.

My bowl.

I usually order the smallest one because the bowls are usually quite big anyway. But this time I was determined to finish a large bowl, and I did!!! Mission accomplished muhahaha. With time, I'll upgrade to an XL.

May 1, 2011

what we had was real.

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Nicholas Sparks is a brilliant man; You will never forget your first love.

I found The Notebook (movie) on an USB as I was going through some old files that I had saved some time ago. It may be a fictional story but it was reminiscent of a past...

and so is WongFu's The Places We Should Have Gone...

and Strangers Again...

Don't ever answer: if I could go back in time, I..... because it's never gonna happen. 
Rather, answer: what possible solution is best for the future..... because it's never too late to make it right.