Jun 1, 2010

Meeting New People (part 2)

A few of us Toronto beauty enthusiasts had a small gathering on May 28th at Lusso Restaurant by Harbourfront. We had dinner, drinks and Yankee Swap!

Five of us shared a pitcher of Rose Sangria. I have to admit, after half of it I was already feeling tipsy LOL! I'm not exposed to alcohol often enough as you can see. It probably wasn't smart of me to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Lesson learned!

My main course: Halibut. Totally copied Leanne on this one! It was good fish. I remember someone asked: "I wonder if our Halibut came from the same fish." LOL!

I shared dessert with Leanne - Chocolate Tartufo. It's basically Raspberry ice cream dipped in chocolate with whipped cream and a slice of strawberry!

A picture of all of us that our waiter was kindly to take, 6 takes? haha.
Left to right:
Sheryl -
Leanne -
Irene -
Jennifer -
Fiona -
Me -
Sandy -

Group shot by the lake. (Photo by Leanne, taken by Lisa. Missing: Lisa and Irene) That's a moon in the sky alright? Not a sun Leanne!

(Photo by Leanne. Missing: Leanne and Irene). Funny shot. Leanne had the idea that we all should point to the left? O_O

That was the end of the night. We should make this event a tradition =)
These ladies posses both beauty and brains! All of us are uni students or grads, some with multiple degrees (nerds!), and we all share a common interest, need I say more? It was a great night.

"It's great to meet people from youtube because they actually have legs."