Sep 1, 2010

I Ran to Target...

... I really did. This is what happened:

Crossing the boarder at Lewiston.

Sunday morning, my family and I took off to Niagara Falls (U.S) to do some outlet shopping. I suggested that we should stop by Target along the way just because I've heard great things about the store and we don't have one in Canada (yet). I guess for those of you who don't know what Target is, just think a red version of Wal-Mart but less messy. Just a side note though, the washroom in Target wasn't that clean.

Target! (First picture of U.S.A on helencakes =)

So after we parked the car, I ran to the front of the store and snapped this picture, then I ran in haha. I was that excited! I was amazed at the pricing as expected! I'll use the cosmetics department as my example. Target's price is about 10-30% cheaper than Canadian Wal-Marts, which means it's also about 30-50% cheaper than our Shoppers Drug Mart! No wonder my prof goes to Target with her girlfriends once a year to do some serious shopping!!! I picked up item #1 here.

Lip balm section at Target.

When I saw this specific Chapstick, it reminded me of the very first ad I had to make in class last year. It's been discontinued in Canada for a couple of years now so Canadians will not find this in our local drugstores. However, it brought back memories of how much I struggled in the beginning of my program trying to come up with clever ads D= Excuse the minor nail polish chipping.

Ta da! 1 of 3 for this series.

And here it is. There are two other ones in this series but you get the idea. This is suppose to be a billboard sized ad hence the short tag line and large font. Looking back now, it wasn't that great of an ad lol. But hey, it was my first one.

Ice cream sale at Target!

Haagen-Dazs makes the best ice cream, agreed? My family always stock up on this whenever it goes on sale for $3 at our local supermarkets. At regular price it costs about $7-8 here which is a little insane for such a small tub of ice cream. So fair enough that Americans can get it on sale for almost the same price at Target right? WRONG! Look under $2.79, what does it say? "Reg. 2.99" Oh-my-gosh I couldn't believe it!!!! You guys pay $3 regularly for this while us Canadians pay double to triple the price?! Why!!! I was furious I kid you not. Another reason why we need Target in Canada a.s.a.p.

Horseshoe Falls, aka the Canadian one.

I snapped this picture near sundown as you can see. I always see couples in wedding dress and tux taking pictures in front of the falls, I wonder why,

American Falls, aka the U.S one of course =)

$4 for apple on a stick coated in sugar? No thanks.

Did you know there's a candy store upstairs of the souvenir place? I bet my sister felt like she was in heaven. Me on the other hand felt like a cavity was about to happen. Candy apple is only good when you eat the candy part... the apple is usually yucky.

More Candy! Jelly Belly is da bomb!

I've always thought jelly beans are disgusting, especially licorice flavoured EWWW. A couple years ago, we discovered Jelly Bellys and let me tell you they are friggin' amazing!!! Not this location at Niagara Falls but if you go to their specialty store, you will find every flavour imaginable. My sister happens to love popcorn and bubblegum. My favourite is watermelon =D It costs $2.25 per 100g which is kinda expensive for candy :s


The ramble begins here okay? I already mentioned purchase #1 earlier which was from Target. I only picked up a lipgloss that's not available in Canada right now, exciting right?

Purchase #2 is a cardigan/sweater from Abercrombie (kids). I hate the ugly moose but whatever, I liked everything else about it. I thought I should also mention that I dislike being a walking ad (apparel with company name and/or large logo going across the front in size 24937439pt font). I try not to buy into popular brand names and this one was definitely an exception. Also, I don't typically shop at A&F or Hollister for these reasons:

1. don't like the darkness, feels like I can trip over anytime
2. strong perfume/cologne gives me a headache
3. lousy sales associates who don't care about shit
4. way overpriced then try to lower price to make it look like a good deal to promote sales
5. always crowded, even when no one is in the store it's still crowded because the layout of the stores iare stupid
6. loud music, i shouldn't have to scream to the person next to me at any store

I don't have anything against the clothes but I dislike the overall atmosphere these stores give me. A&F Kids was slightly better in terms of a better shopping experience. And hey, if I can fit into kids size and pay less for their stuff then why not?! *smirks*

Purchase #3 is self-explanatory. Coach duh. No woman goes outlet shopping without getting something from Coach. I did not get this from the outlet in the states though, I got it when I came back to Canada. I wanted something bigger than the regular square cross-body and this was it. Although I would've liked it more if the signature C pattern wasn't so obvious. I think Coach is bit over-rated and women go way too crazy for their bags. This lady had 10 bags in her arms at the U.S outlet as if they were that cheap... I didn't think it was that great of a deal. Then this other woman, a complete stranger, tapped me on my shoulder and asked me for my opinion on which of the two handbags she had picked out looked better. I honestly wanted to say neither because they were both ugly but I said both are "fine". She overheard me talking to my family in my dialect and I guess she thought it was okay to ask a "homie". No lady, my opinion is not important to you, it's what YOU like.

Horseshoe Fall at night!!! My new desktop picture.

I saved the best picture last! Have you ever seen pictures of the falls at night? I managed to capture this on my crappy point of shoot. Just looking at this gives me serenity.

Well until next time, stay happy everyone ^_^


  1. lol we are twins when it comes to avoiding A&F!

    and your last pic...omg...TRES AWESOME! XD

  2. wow the last pic is beautiful! =OOO

    yea i'm with you about Haagen-Dazs! It's too expensive in Canada =(

  3. Love the pictures! I haven't been to Niagara falls. I heard it was a lot smaller than what people expected. Is this true? LoL.

    I love Target! They sometimes have really cute clothes :D I used to shop at Abercrombie and Hollister when I was high school (10th-11th grade) when I didn't know any better. I don't know why I liked their clothes. V. expensive. LoL Sounds like a fun trip!!

  4. LOL As I was reading your blog and came across that picture of the "Medicated ChapStick" I actually recalled the ad that you did for school (before I scrolled down the page and saw that you had posted your ad as well of course) LOL

    And wow $3 Haagen-Dazs!!! Why must it be so expensive in Canada? WHY!?! LOL

    Oh and the pictures you snapped, especially the last one, are amazing. The falls do look magnificent at night.

    - KC

  5. WOWO Target. I agree with every description you wrote. It's pretty much the cleaner version of walmart minus the dirty bathrooms.

    Ahhh Haagen-Dazs(Had to double spellcheck that one) I haven't eaten one of them in like 5 years 0.0. It's not that I hate them it's just that when I DO go grocery shopping I completely ignore the ice cream sections >.<. And yea... ice cream in Canada is ridiculously expensive, but just because you brought it up and inturn awoke my haagen dazs desire I will go buy a tub when I go grocery shopping :P

    Ahhh and thanks for following me! I feel bad since I haven't followed you yet but I will now! :D. What university do you go to and what year are you in? :D

  6. Ty, ty! I just cut a regular lash and stuck it on. Haha. And it's hair extensions, not my real hair. Hahaha.

    Wow! You've been going every year? My family goes to Vegas pretty much every year during Christmas. Haha. We don't gamble, definitely don't party, and don't shop. But we go a lot. Haha. Except this year, I'm going to go partying with the friends. LoL. I'm finally turning 21!

    They have a casino there too? Interesting. Never thought they would have there. LoL. It's because you're in a different country so the parents didn't want to lose you. Hahaha. I like the Target superstores. I've gone to one where they have second floors O__O. And there's that thing where you put your cart up on it. LoL. It's pretty fun. Some of them have grocery sections now. Heehee

  7. o0o0o0 target! i totally agree! we do need one of these in canada, which part of canada do u live in? don't mean to sound like a creep/stalker, just curious =) lol, and thx for following!

  8. jelly belly is love, too...
    i discovered jelly belly one trip to the US and i was really happy when they started selling it hear in the Philippines (at an incredible price, though). i love watermelon too... but i do not have a favorite. i have a flavor that i hate though = coconut. yuck. yuck. yuck.

  9. "1. don't like the darkness, feels like I can trip over anytime
    2. strong perfume/cologne gives me a headache
    3. lousy sales associates who don't care about shit
    4. way overpriced then try to lower price to make it look like a good deal to promote sales
    5. always crowded, even when no one is in the store it's still crowded because the layout of the stores iare stupid
    6. loud music, i shouldn't have to scream to the person next to me at any store"

    I LOL'D when reading this :D haha, you're awesome.

    I don't like shopping at dumb brand name stores either :/ Rather go to VALUE VILLAGE/THRIFT STORE AND PICK UP SOME OLD PPL STUFF. From the 70's. Word. :D

    Canada really sucks.

    1) We don't have Topshop.
    2) We don't have Target.
    3) ...We don't have Topshop.

    I love your blog. And that new Coach bag is delish. I srsly need one. I'm saving up for one, swear. I just hate spending so much money on one leeetle bag. But I think I will do it. Good quality bag, and.. I'm ashamed to say it, I also like the brand haha. = = So much for me hating on brands :P

    Hey Thanks for following! xxx

  10. oh wow, the falls at night is beautiful! i'd love to see it in person one day... if only flying from west to east was cheap! (it costs about the same price flying from vancouver to europe as it is flying from Vancouver to ON) crazy right?!!? and DUDE isn't it crazy how big the price difference is just across the border? For example, we've been having a bee problem lately so my parents bought RAID spray locally for $8. A few days later, they went across the border to go grocery shopping and saw the exact same bottle of RAID for... $2.70!!!!!!!!!!! wth right? anyway, enough venting! hahah! we're lucky enough to be close to the bordeR! :P

  11. Aw you are no longer a Target virgin. Was it all you expected? It's a more chic version of Wal-mart for sure. They have designers make clothing lines specifically for Target. It's cool and some items are pretty cute, but can be a bit pricey.