Sep 23, 2010

Meeting New People (part 3)

A month ago (yes a super delayed post), I met up and had dinner with fellow blogger Kevin =D Kevin took me to Guu Izakaya!!! *squeals* And it was awesome! This is only a teaser to Kevin's post (because all photos were taken by him)!

Knowing Kevin's awesome photography skills, my lazy ass decided not to take photos with my camera - bad move - because I don't have any of my own pictures =( But it's okay because Kevin's pictures are mouthwateringly ah-mazing! Speaking of which, he should be blogging about it soon too! What's with the wait-up huh? =D

Alright, so if you know me, I hate being late so I make sure I always leave extra early. Being fashionably late has never been in my book (unless there's a legit reason like road block). But I must tell this story because it was just too funny. I was crossing the street walking toward Guu and I noticed this guy 50meters away looking at me X_X I think we exchanged stares but I didn't think too much it. Only to later find out from Kevin's tweet it was him X_X What a fail. *smacks Kevin for hiding*


Top left: wait time wasn't too bad, I think we waited for 20 minutes? Personally I enjoyed the patio because it was a really nice day.

Top right: love how Guu looks like on the outside! I'm no architect but it looks very detailed up close. You can even see the inside from those protruding wooden squares!

Bottom left: the green one is called Bamboo (Melon Liqueur + White Wine + Lychee Juice + Soda) - a Guu original cocktail. Who doesn't want a leaf in their drink? Kevin got the Berry Sakegria (Sake, Strawberry, Blackberry, Apple, Orange, Pure Lemon Lime) - think that's what the menu says.

Bottom right: separate menu of things not listed on the main menu?


Top left: I don't know what this is called :s It's scallop dish but I can't find it on the main menu. It was really good though! Way better than my dad's cooking hahaa.

Top right: "YAKIUDON" (Pan fried udon noodle with beef and vegetables.)

Bottom left: "KINOKO CHEESE BIBIMBAP" (Rice, garlic sauteed mushrooms and cheese with seaweed sauce) If I had to name a favourite, this was probably it. Sorry we don't have a picture of it before they mixed it all up.

Bottom right: "KABOCHA KOROKKE" (Deep fried kabocha pumpkin croquette with a boiled egg inside). This was a strange dish, never seen anything like it before. Taste wise it was quite unique but nonetheless good.


And that is all. I will link Kevin's post once his is up. Feel free to click on the pictures for a larger view (change image size on Flickr)

p.s note to self: must go agin one day, especially with future bf.


  1. I LOVEEE GUU! <3 we should totally organize a HUGE Toronto blogger meet up :)

  2. I've never had bibimbap before! It looks kinda weird x_x. I am insanely jealous. We must have a lunch date!

    And yesss, it was an octopus! It was so cute LOL. I bit his head off and gave an evil laugh (and PN gave me a really weird look), ahaha. It tasted weird though.. marinated in some sweet and sour sauce.

  3. I love pictures of foooddd. THe drinks look very refreshing!! And the yumminess galore! Thank god I"m looking at this when I'm not hungry. LoL. Hope you guys had fun!

  4. love you food pic!!! they give me hungry now... =(

    oh and you got tagged

  5. I love guu to pieces!!! also guu with garlic in vancouver!! you post is making me crave for some more guu :)

  6. i've heard so much about this place but have not tried it yet! the food looks soOoo delish! :)

  7. that food looks so delicious! i use a canon rebel xs :)

  8. zomg that food looks so gooooood.

  9. Ahhhhhh!!! I've been meaning to go to Guu for a very long time now! Looks amazing, so jealous! :)

  10. LoL. I'm still at Italy (in Eat, Pray, Love). I'm on hiatus cuz I have tests and essays to rewrite.

    What happened during Halloween that makes you hate it?

    Oh man... my crush is a well-mannered guy with beautiful eyes, tall, dark hair, and smart (interns at some bio-tech/engineering, one of the two haha), AND he's nice. *Swoons*