Mar 26, 2011


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Year 3 Semester 2 Weeks 6-9

Hello Cupcakes! Last 3 weeks of school left for me (hence the lack of updates lately).

My desktop.

When I'm working on an assignment, I like to work off the desktop and clean up afterwards. I try my best to keep it as clean as possible on a regular basis but sometimes I just don't have time you know? Notice it says helencakes on the top right corner =D

Brain Age on Nintendo DS

Playing the actual game to brainstorm ideas for assignment. It's not easy trying to come up with clever lines to sell a video game to men over the age of 35! What did you have for breakfast, three days ago?

In-class Assignment.

The day we handed in our Brain Age assignment, the prof threw us an in-class assignment on Brain Age!!! Just when you thought an assignment was forever done and over with, reality hits and I just wanted to smack my head on the table like all my classmates. Notice the little stick man is actually half bald? I was hoping the prof would catch my sense of humour and he did haha! He commented "nice hair" on my assignment sheet!

Shania Twain

In the midst of looking for a summer job, I went through some artwork I did back in high school and I'm sharing with you guys one of my favourite pieces =) I'm not a fan of drawing but if you sit me down for 20 hours, I can probably do this one again. I think the size of this one is 20" x 16".

More Shania.

Using different media. Acrylic, Watercolour, Pencil Crayon and Mixed Media. Yay fun! The first time I heard a Shania Twain song was when her single Forever and Always came out back in 2003 (damn that was a long time ago O_O). Pop country is love, just think of a mature version of Taylor Swift =)

Mar 12, 2011

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.

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I shot paintballs for the first time during the reading week! It was one of the most intense moments of my life (because I'm a wuss).


So this is the main waiting area. We had our own private games since there were 30+ of us. There is one battlefield so we alternated with open field people.

A frog.

Me: I wanna be in this picture! *jumps in*
Wear something soft to lessen the pain of getting shot and something old that you won't miss if it gets stained.


I took the picture through the glass window so half of it is the battlefield and the other half is the reflection of the lobby. Sorry, there's no battlefield picture; I didn't want to risk the life of my point-and-shoot.

Geared up.

Me in the jumpsuit. What's dangerous about paintball is that the helmet doesn't protect your head fully (not at this location at least) and it will hurt more than getting whipped by an asian parent for getting an A- on your English test. I got shot on my leg — right on the bone — and it hurt like a mother effing aofjawijfwier D=

Will I be doing this again anytime soon? Probably not. But at least now I can say I've shot someone *smirk*

Mar 6, 2011


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*Note: this blog post contains mature content. Reader discretion is advised!

During the reading week, I celebrated a friend's birthday with a couple of other people over dinner and drinks. If you follow Glee, it just happened that it was also the week of "Blame it on the Alcohol" episode! I got to witness some of the archetypes that Finn explained to Rachel at the party LOL!

Asian Legend

We had Chinese food because we're asian like that. *double peace sign* Service was bleh, the waiters were high school boys who probably don't get tipped by the restaurant anyway.


The food came really fast, too fast. Weren't even hot *sigh* They filled out tea really fast though, I like tea =D


Ok, I rarely drink so I have no idea what is what in this picture. Apparently that night I had a shot of vodka mixed with orange juice, actually I think I had two of those 'cause diluting the vodka with orange juice wasn't too too bad. The j├Ąger bomb was the most nasty shit ever. It's a herbal thingy... medicine?! Gross! I might've also had Soho with 7up and/or Peach Shenapps with Nestea. I only wanted a beer and call it a day because I'm such a light drinker. But nooooo I gave into peer pressure OMG lol (don't do this kids). I had 2-3 shots but I had to take another shot for the person who was gonna drive me home and that last shot was one shot too much. I was the first person to throw up D= But to my defense the people who didn't throw up passed out quickly.


It's never a good idea to play board game when everyone is tipsy. We didn't even go through the first round and the board was destroyed LOL. But my team won with only 1 pt! By the time I left the place I already recuperated and was sober already so it wasn't even that bad. No hangover, nada.

I can't post pictures of people from the party here for privacy reasons. But let's just say I saw a lot of vomit the other night and it was NOT pretty. So I will conclude this post with drink responsibly kids and certainly don't drink and drive.