Oct 7, 2010

I love my job...

... even though it's only been 4 shifts. I worked 4 days in a row actually lol but so far so good! My co-workers are nice, I love the music we play in the store and most of the customers are very easygoing. I do struggle sometimes on the job but it's almost a given when starting a new job right? Regardless, this job is a definite keeper.

Do you compile a wish/to-buy list when you suddenly have a source of income? I do haha!

1. Canada Goose winter Jacket
2. DSLR camera
3. iPhone 4
5. Longchamp Le Pliage handbag

I know these things aren't cheap but I'll save up for them ^_^

music is love

Busing to work and school takes up a big chunk of my time so I turn to my ipod to kill time. The weather is getting colder now so whenever I'm out the house, I'll wear a scarf or two. I LOVE CIRCLE SCARFS!!!

Did you know that Helen is actually one of those people who hates to be bothered by sale associates when she's shopping? Then why the hell did she get a job in retail you ask? Well I have my reasons =) This job is a stepping stone toward a goal, a promise for change hehe.

Are you working toward something on your "wish-list" today?


  1. Yea for the new job! It's good you like working. I hate work because I'm working. But I like the people I work with it so it makes up for it!

    I loooovvveee circle scarves too! I only have two right now but I foresee that I'm going to buy some more when it gets colder.

  2. Nice photo. : ) Congrats on your job! Glad you like it, but get ready for the holidays... LOL Major pain in the ass. When I worked in retail, I always took the Boxing Day weekend off. LOL For some reason, the managers have always let me 'cause they liked me? xD

    My friend might be selling a brand new iPhone 4 at the end of this month. He has one already and he's planning on getting another one to sell through an upgrade. If you're still interested in November, let me know!

    As for the CG jacket..oh man, I've been debating about it. The navy looks really good on me, but it'll really clash with my style. I'm looking for a wool/cashmere coat instead. haha

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. I want an Alexander Wang Rocco bag or a Mulberry Alexa. I have a little tin can that I put money in! haha! Right now, it's not going very far! :(

    ohhh and the peas are from Toys Story 3...they are from the little girls' house...the good girl. you know the little girl who goes to Sunnyside everyday and who Andy end up giving all his toys to?

    You can see the photo here:

  4. Ooh what retail store do you work at? You can email me if you'd like hehe maybe we can hook each other up! Yea everyone hates to be bothered by sales associates, but we get in trouble if we don't ask, and there are some customers who hate it if we don't ask...*SIGH* we can never please everyone

  5. awww happy you love your job.. that's so important especially when we spend more time at work than at home!! yes, i am working toward something on my wish list today.. to be able to manage my business full time! have a great weekend helen! :D

  6. That's awesome that you love your job! Hopefully that will continue because for me, when I had my job, I liked it at first but then the customers started to get to me afterwards ><

    Haha I compile a list of stuff I want even now when I don't have a job T__T So baddd.... I'm the same, I hate it when I'm bothered by sales associates, ESPECIALLY those ones that won't leave you alone after you said you're fine ugh.