Sep 18, 2010

Keep going, keep living.

Hello everyone =) (I'm going to start referring my readers as my cupcakes okay? haha)

First completed assignment of the semester! Typography dominant wine poster (remember I had to drink wine last week? Well this is the output!)

Excuse the bottom where my watermark is covering the company information and logo, those are not interesting anyway. The rest of the poster is made up of only letters and characters. Yes even the sun (a bunch of O's) and the sun rays are made with the character above the tab button). What do you guys think? Btw, the wine wasn't that great tasting lol.

Now onto what this post is actually about: I got the job! My interview went well, they called me soon after the interview and offered me the job *dances*. Right now I'm just going through some background/reference checks so unless I have an evil twin breaking the law somewhere out there, I think I'll be working very soon! I'm thrilled to be working again (I quit my first job exactly 12 months ago)! This would be my third job (I'll be talking about the previous two jobs in this post) and I have a feeling this is going to be a good one. I am aware that it is a retail job which means I'll be dealing with all sorts of customers but nothing a smile can't fix! Actually, I purposely wanted a retail job for now so that I can gain sales experience.

My old name tag (Yes I kept it. I knew it would come in handy one day ;) If you worked long enough or get promoted to something else, they upgrade it to a "gold" one.

My first job as you can see from the picture was good old "McDonald's" had a farm.. E-I-E-I-O! Yes typical first job but you know what, I learned a lot from that job. I had to deal with every type of customer you could think of: The angry ones, the annoying ones, the picky ones, the dirty ones, the clueless ones, the non-english speaking ones, and occasionally the really nice ones. I can talk about every incident that occurred during my 16 months of employment but there wouldn't be enough hours in a day to tell you all of them -.-'' What's even worse is that I was sick of the food since I had probably tried everything on McDonald's menu! I still try to avoid the burgers now but I do enjoy the $1.39 tea and muffin value deal occasionally =D

Irrelevent to my second job but this was me studying for a Physics test in grade 12.

The second job, which I still work occasionally at as an exam invigilator for this other university. No skills required but they don't ever need me. The best way to describe this job is that I watch people write their exams and take them to the washroom whenever someone needs to go. The problem with this job is that I'm restricted to invigilating students from only one program at that university. Since I'm only needed during occasional exam periods, if I unfortunately have my own exam(s) to study for at the same time, then I obviously am not going to work. So having this job is like having no job. I think I've only worked for them three times in the past year LOL! I do have an employee number to prove my employment so it is legit!

I wore this top to my interview with black dress pants. I love this top!

Alas, job number three. This will be my most challenging job yet because I will be directly dealing with customers and not just getting them burgers. I will be working for approximately 25 hours a week on top of being a full-time student (yikes). But you know what, I need to be doing more with my life while I'm still young! Without this job, I know for a fact that those 25 hours will be wasted (I'm a procrastinator haha). But I'm super excited to be wearing business casual to work! I had previously purchased clothes from this store that I adore but had absolutely no occasion to wear them too =( Now, I can put my clothes to good use! *score!*

Rainforest from Toronto Zoo '08. Happy images = happy thoughts.

Okay, I want to share with you guys how I got this job and what I learned during the process (yes another life lesson to share). So in late August when I first started looking for a job, I applied to only three stores (and let's call them stores #1, #2 and #3). I did get an interview with store #1 (as I tweeted a couple weeks ago) but they never called me back for another interview. Remember this rejection now okay? x_x Stores #2 and #3 never called me so screw them. Then I noticed store #4 was hiring 2 weeks ago but I had doubts because I knew store #1 and #4 are sister companies! (meaning they are owned by the same company but each store targets a different age group). That was the reason to why I contemplated about applying to store #4 because I thought they'd want similar type of employees. Boy was I glad I applied. Look what happened in the end, I got the job. So the lesson I learned:

Don't ever let rejections stop you from going after what you love, but rather use them as stepping stones for something bigger and better. Don't let anyone, even yourself, tell you that you can't do it; doubt is for the weak! Live life the way you want and keep moving forward!

I thank you for reading my blog once again. Now remember to grasp every opportunity that comes your way! Take care.


  1. Congrats on the new job, great post and great lesson learned

  2. Congrats on getting your job! Gosh... I don't know how you can do 25 hours. I'm pulling out my hair while only working 20 hours. Very nice.

    P.S. I like the wine glass advert. Pretty clever!

  3. Thanx for following.

    Congrats on your new job and what lessons learnt from your experiences! Experience is life's best teacher!

  4. Congrats on the job! I've applied at sister companies before and the results were pretty much like yours. :P

  5. Lovin' your little blurb at the end =)
    Ah retail~ I use to work in retail up until months ago when I quit to focus on school (before the summer). That was my first job.. darn customers. It's so true what you say though and I feel like I can really relate to you. I'm a procrastinator too >< and I know that I could possibly handle a job right now but I just don't feel like it hahaha and as a result, my shopaholic tendencies are SUFFERING hahaha!!!!

  6. Blah how come I always miss your blog posts?!! Gratz on the job!! And I always wondered how people get jobs for the exam thingy I always thought that was such a chill job! I like that top you're wearing very cute! =)