Aug 27, 2010

Boys had Cooties

Yup, been there, thought that haha. Seems just like yesterday that I believed in cooties. This non-existent yuckiness sure made girls and boys stay away from each other in elementary school =) But as we get older, we develop feelings (uhh love perhaps?) that cannot be blocked off no matter what we do. These people who we once thought had cooties are probably dating now. Soon enough, they'll get married... and maybe soon enough a divorce. Who knows, this world is pretty messed up.

Moving on though, I met up with a couple high school friends today to talk about life, school and BOYS! (hence the title for this post)

Waiting at the bus stop.

Q: Where do you live Helen?
A: Near constructions sites and fields. There's a corn field here actually, let's go steal some corn =)

Photo credit: Google Map

We planned on meeting at Yonge and Finch, which is kind of like the central point of where we all live now =( My friend suggested a Korean restaurant called Soban right at the corner of the intersection as you can see above. However, when I got there. I realized that it doesn't exist!!! It is now called Krazy Wings haha and where I placed the X is now a bubble tea stand. *sigh* So we just went next door to the smaller Korean restaurant called.. Table BBQ O_O

Side dishes.

Let me just begin by saying I don't recommend this place. They brought us hot tea but when my friend asked for hot water, the lady goes: "we don't have hot water." Kinda makes you wonder how they make tea then huh? I tried the seaweed, not terrible but not good either. The kimchi was so-so. I didn't get to try the radish 'cause I forgot =( The rest, wasn't interested in.


Forgot to try this too haha. Was busy talking and when I realized I forgot, it was already too cold.

Lunch Special: Bulgoki

Okay, the bulgoki wasn't bad but I've tasted better, from a food court!!! Seriously, I've had bulgoki 10 times in the last hree months from this Korean place in the food court by my school and it tastes better than this thing here. I enjoyed the potatoes 'cause they were sweet XD The salad was icky.

At the end of the day though, it wasn't really about the food. It was about spending time with old friends.


  1. awesome blog! lol cooties, thats so true i end up dating my elementary school cootie now -.- haha

  2. lol oh man...that person sooo did not want to make a customer happy.
    anyway small background story. if that was the typical korean tea that is served, than I can understand the no hot water comment. bohrechae (barley tea) is basically thrown into the water and boiled for quite some time. not a few minute steep like we tend to do with teas.
    but still, it doesn't take THAT long to boil water, so the request isn't that out of the ball park for a customer. so boo on them.

    second, soban :T that place wasn't all that great anyway. they had a second store on yonge a few years back, but pretty much sold it off 6 months later, and then another 6 months it was changed again. so not a big loss there. tho I have been told by some guys that they wings place is pretty decent, especially when it comes to eating and drinking~

  3. krazy wings is actually not that bad, way better than soban. and nakwon is my fav korean restaurant! I lovee their appetizers, but the old boss lady is a mean person (she has short hair and glasses) and we usually try to avoid her death stares.