Oct 25, 2010

Second time's the charm.

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On my first day of work (like 4 weeks ago? haha) I had about 4 hours to kill from end of class to the time of my shift so I decided to have lunch with friends. I went to Sushi Queen Izakaya with my high school friends Debs and Peez =D Then the week after, I went back to the restaurant again with another HS friend, KC =)

Sushi Queen Izakaya

Located in downtown Toronto (On Bay St north of Dundas St). Service is good. What can I say, I'm a returning customer!

Ready to check out the menu!

If I could only have one type of food for the rest of my life, it would probably be sushi. There's just something about intricate food that is especially appetizing! I can eat sushi all day long ahaha O_O Hey I could've been swapped by accident with another baby in the hospital and am actually Japanese... could be a possibility XD JK, I'm like a clone of my mom -.-''

One spread in the menu.

I wish restaurants had pictures for all the food they served. I'm a visual person! I'm a sucker for good graphics too, uhh hello, I'm a designer.

31. Negimayaki

We shared this appetizer. It was SO GOOD!

Lunch Special Bento Box

Debbie ordered one of the lunch specials - bento box. She's no fun.

Spicy Salmon and Spider Roll

Peter ordered the Spicy Salmon and Spider Roll.

I forgot what I ordered but I think it was the Dragon Roll?

But as you can see, I like to order food that looks pretty XD I might've ordered it because they had a picture of it in the menu.

Here the thing. Originally I wanted to try their special menu but didn't know they only serve that after 4pm BOO!!!! I was kinda disappointed that I didn't get to try the food I saw from BlogTO. So that's why I went back the following week with Karen.

Daily Special Menu

I went on a Friday if you were wondering. Okay, this is what I call an ugly menu. I understand that they probably change it up frequently but STILL. It doesn't cost that much to print on better quality paper X_X

Caterpillar Roll

Good thing the name didn't break my appetite. Yum.

Godzilla Roll

This one is a little mild. I liked it.

Hawaii Roll

This was my absolute favourite! I will go back any day just to eat this again. I'm a crazy mango woman ahahaha. Felt like summer again when I consumed it LOL. (Sorry for the shadow, the sun was setting and I sat right by the window X_X I showed a picture of this in my I've Been Tagged pt 2 post!)

Honey Potato

I'd pass on this one. It was kinda dry but not terrible.

Special (after 4) menu.

Here's the special menu (after 4pm I think). We were gonna order another dish but figured four dishes for the two of us was enough. We did finish everything though! Next time, next time...


  1. The Negimayaki look so YUMMY!!! :) Thanks for sharing, when I'm downtown I'll be sure to give this place a try! :)

  2. I tried this place as well and found it to be pretty good!! We order so much food that we had to call another friend to come help us finish it :) We had the after 4pm specials they were yummy but for izakya food i prefer guu.

  3. wow the foods look delicious, especially the Negimayaki o__o

  4. I am actually full while I'm looking at your pictures. It's less of a torture looking at them. Haha. It looks soooo friggin good! I'm a sucker for sushi. I will never say no to sushi unless it's all rotten and shit. LoL.

    Yummeh! Honey Potato :D

    THe word verification is fetsaxma. Is that even a word??

  5. Thanks for the comment! ^.^

    Haha, I'll keep the picture overloading in mind... More pics from now on -- got it! :D
    My shirt says: It's Not Only Rock 'n' Roll Baby! And after reading this, you might know where I got it :P

  6. Wow...I don't even eat sushi and I was tempted by your pictures *drools*. I want that caterpillar roll:D.

    As for calculus, I changed my decision on what I wanted to be likke last year, so I basically switched from nursing a science heavy program into business which is more of a mathematical based one... I can still take calculus, but I'm probably going to have to drop chemistry =s.

  7. Okay, I finally have time to read your post -___- Or better, time to enjoy the foodspamming! How do you always make food look so amazingly beautiful? I think taking pictures of food is the hardest thing to do, somehow I never get the feeling my photos of food look as tasty as they should T.T

    It looks so good, esp the caterpillar roll and the godzilla roll... Yumms!
    I've never had sushi (,_,) ... Yah, I know, I'm missing out on something. It's just, I somehow never seem to find someone who's interested in eating sushi together with me -- Asian food in my circles is somehow a bit underappreciated, some of my friends haven't eaten anything more exotic than pasta... I know what you're thinking, I'm embarrassed in their place. -- And eating out all by myself isn't really my style T.T

  8. Are you serious? You want to go eat sushi with me? Okay, when's the first plane to Canada... :P

    You're right, I should follow your advice and just drag them to the restaurant... They'll have to enjoy it! ^.^ j/k Food blogs are probably the more civilized way to do so...

  9. Every time someone mentions the word 'forever,' I remember when AsianAvenue was popular and all those grade 9-10 girls would write 'I love you so much, we'll be together until the end of time, you are my entire life, I don't know what I'd do without you....' And then a week later, 'I hate your stupid guts, I hope you die' is pasted all over their page. LOL

    I don't think we have the right to say 'forever' until we're at least 40!

  10. Me and Calvin want to try this place! We were wondering if it was good! We love Guu but it's a bit of a walk and this place is soo close (and prob not as ridiculously busy). Looks like it's pretty yummy from your pictures!

  11. I love sushi!!!I'm a very disaster to cooking!
    Can you cooking them??? my name's martina and I come from Italy...I love fashion and I would like you visit my blog...I wait your important tips!kiss kiss ^^

  12. Yum!!! The pictures look amazing!

  13. Mmmmm your food photos always make me salivate! Looks like another place I'll have to hit up in the future. :)

  14. Oh wow, that place looks amazing! Ah~ I love how you share your food outtings! Gives me good ideas where to try out since I haven't explored Toronto inside and out yet like I've been saying for the past couple of years..!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!