Nov 1, 2010

Is it Pho real?

Oh I made a pun! I'm so punny =)

Five reasons as to why I'm writing this post right now:
1. last post was a long one so I need to alternate with a short post.
2. six assignments due this week for school (I'm taking 5 classes... what the hell right?) so there won't be another post for about 10 days.
3. Spent today doing homework and giving out candy, I need a break.
4. I have a nine-hour shift tomorrow *facepalm*
5. create some suspension for my next very special post hehe.

I noticed this new place opened up near school a couple months back and really wanted to try it out so I went with my friend Chris last week. Chris is probably my first friend in uni... I remember he was in the very first class I had back in first year =) Good times.

Pho Orchid on Dundas street east of University Ave

I frigging want to steal their typeface! I love it! Only half of the restaurant is above the ground haha =D


I hate the menu. You can only place it down like shown. Laminate + staples = no no


We sat by the window (more like window above my head) so hence why Chris looks like he's glowing haha. The inside is okay. It wasn't busy 'cause it was around 3pm.


Lime, bean sprout & Thai basil(?)

Pho 01 - Large

Chris just ordered the first one on the Pho section of the menu. I wanted it too but didn't want to get the exact same thing.. what's the fun in that right?

Pho 05 - medium

But it's funny how most of the selection in the Pho section sounded extremely similar X_X

Verdict: Not the best Pho in town. Will return to try something else from the menu.

p.s Any Pho restaurant recommendations?


  1. I love the cave-like windows! Gives the interior such a cozy feeling.. I only eat pho at one place... owned by viets who employ family members as waitresses, so I know it's hardcore legit, LOL.

  2. Wow, it was so empty when you went! I don't think you should return to that place at all. Any Viet restaurant in the mainstream setting is never any good. Rarely anyway. The "real" Viets eat in North York. LMAO There's a pretty decent place on Spadina called Bun Saigon. It's a few stores down from Chinatown Centre.

    There's also a little house called Kim Bo across the street from Pmall/Market Village that is probably the best Viet I've ever had. I recommend it to everyone.. my family has been with them since before I was born and they have a few locations in town. That location would be the best though. I introduced my bf (who's Chinese) to it and he lalalaveess it now! There's one at Jane & Sheppard, but highly doubt you wanna go to what most people call "the ghetto area".

    A dish I recommend is hu tieu my tho, also called "my tho fun" in Cantonese. Are you Canto? Have I ever asked? haha

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. The food looks delicious as always hun ^.^ It's not even 7AM and I already feel like having lunch or dinner...

    Pho orchid's typeface is beautiful indeed. Very round and plant-like -- like an orchid, I suppose? :P
    Good luck on your assignments this week!!

  4. Hi Helen! Just to say thank you for following my new blog ^.^ I really appreciate it...

  5. Oh my, me again ^.^
    I've got an award for you! Come check my last post

  6. wow i never saw a pho place so nice.. although for all the pho i ate,, they all taste the same.haha.

  7. lol @xjole comment. I wish I can find a place that legit here in NYC. It's crazy how they have like 10 different items of pho on the menu where 5 of them are the same type but different sizes hahahaa

  8. Well, even if it wasn't the best tasking pho you've every had, at least your great photos make it look delicious! :-)

  9. i absolutely love pho! my sisters and i love pho... in fact i had a "noodle post" a few months back in my blog, too, about pho! hahahaha! i think u didn't put chili sauce and the "dark brown" sauce in your pho... i know it tastes better if you add the sauce...

  10. I was browsing the F21 website last week and I came across these tights, and I was like 'WOW, these are beautiful, I MUST BUY!' Then I clicked on the zoom picture, and it turns out that they were the exact ones that I already had. LOL Dang I have great taste... TWICE!

  11. O___O the interior looks nice!!! it's rare to find a pho place with beautiful decor =O

  12. Ehhh?? I wonder what the difference is in the phos... lol and I'm viet XD
    I like Pho Dau Bo :)

  13. Replying your comment:

    LOL Maybe it's the Asian parents. My shoes were always too big for my feet. Now that I think back, I can't believe I went through that torture!

    Get the Longchamp bag for Christmas. Reward yourself!! : ) Yeah Danier always has sales during this time of year. It's the best time to score a jacket for yourself! I actually want another one, but my boyfriend told me to cool it. LOL

  14. Pho Pasteur at Spadina is good but pricey so it's only worth it if it's the middle of the night (they're 24 hrs)

    My favourite is definitely Golden Turtle on Ossington south of Dundas, if you're ever at that part of town.