Oct 11, 2010

A date with my new gf

Hello cupcakes!

Kenzo Ra-men Menu.

So I had my first ramen experience this past Wednesday after class with my friend Wendy =D We went to Kenzo Ramen and it was delicious! I can't believe it took me this long to try ramen *smacks head*.

The King of the Kings Ra-men

Wendy loved the bit of spiciness in her ramen, the seaweed sheets and egg =) She even pointed out a cute waiter to me haha. Let me tell you, hiring cute waiters/hot waitresses will get you more business.

Ji Su Men.

I don't take spice well so I opted for the Ji Su Men; I really enjoyed it. I'm definitely going back for more soon!

Popcorn + digital "art"?

What's a date without a movie right? Wendy and I watched Easy A! The movie was better than what I thought it would be from watching the trailer. During the movie I did have a lot of "WTF AHAAHA" moments lol. We even got complimentary popcorn and drink with our movie tickets! I was pretty full on ramen so I used the remaining popcorn to make this when I got home.

We only fight for the plug when we have in-class assignments.

It's great to hang with people outside of class BUT when the fun is over, it's back to reality - homework. I am now in my 6th week of the semester (12 weeks in total), which means massive amount of assignments and essays are on my plate right now. I don't know how I feel about in class assignments because time is always limited and it always feels more like a test than anything else =( You know something is up when everyone fights for the plug while in class =)

Wine Ad.

Remember my wine ad that I posted two weeks ago? After a blind critique in class, I eliminated some elements and resubmitted this one. It made me sad that I had to scratch the wineglass shape and fun curly typeface but this modified one definitely looks a lot better. Keeper for my portfolio? I think so.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my cupcakes =) I'm definitely thankful for all my readers ^_^ *hugs you all*


  1. I think I'm getting the knack of being the first one to comment on posts. It's visiting the blogger page every ten minutes or so. Hahaha.

    Nice ad! Haha. Reminds of Italy for some reason. Particularly the tuscan part. Hahaha.

    Omgggg! RAMEN :D Japanese-style ramen is sooo good. The spicier it is, the better it is (for me at least). LoL.

  2. HAHA I can't wait until my next date with you, Helen, whenever that may be! *__*

    And I didn't know it was your first time eating ramen. :O Glad I introduced you to it then! :D

  3. I like ur new ad for the wine...

    and yap..I am 29!! hahahhaa...

    c u in class!

  4. *hugs back* hehe

    ramen is nice ^^ and lol at the hot waitress and business

  5. Looks amazingg! Ramen is always so yummy! <3

  6. yummy! I gotta try ramen sometime soon :D

  7. belated happy thanksgiving helen! :D i loveeeee ramen! i just had some this past weekend and it's perfect especially now that it's starting to get cold out. I also saw Easy A a few weeks back... it was actually my fiance who suggested we see it which kinda weirded me out.. hahaha! but like you, i thought it was better than what the trailer portrayed it to be. my fave was the fake bedroom scene. hahaha! ;P and scenes with her dad... he's hilarious.

  8. Mmm that looks so yummy. I want to snack now and its almost 1 in the morning lol.

  9. LOVE the food pics! Makes me crave for ramen all of a sudden...

    Reply to you: Yeah I know, I was in tears during the first part of the movie... so touching... T.T

  10. I have GOT to try that place out one time, looks so good! The swirl thing reminds me of Naruto's ramen haha!
    I also wanted to see Easy A! >< Wonder if I will.. hmm...