Oct 16, 2010

I've Been Tagged (part 2)

Hello Cupcakes!

Petitechouxx of A wonderful dream tagged me to do the 4 Things Tag! Sorry for the delay hun, I had some prep to do for this tag haha (i.e clean my desk)

4 Things in my bag/purse: 

~ bus token holder
~ lipbalm
~ pen+highlighter
~ ipod touch

4 Things I found in my office desk drawer: 

~ utility knife
~ monitor screen cleaner
~ post-its
~ pins

4 Favourite things in my room:

~ coatrack
~ mirror
~ my desk
~ makeup stash

4 things I've always wanted to do:

~ watch sunset, then stay up all night and watch sunrise
~ learn how to swim
~ learn ASL
~ gain 20lbs X_X

4 Things I'm currently into:
~ meeting new people
~ food tasting
~ being a busy woman
~ work

4 Things I bet you didn't know about me:

~ I tend to confuse people, unintentionally and intentionally
~ I don't like real/fresh flowers
~ worms on rainy days = death of me
~ I was born at 5:55am

4 Songs i can't get out of my head: 

~ Charice - Pyramid
~ Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are
~ TaeYang - Wedding Dress
~ Destiny's Child - Survivor

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone!


  1. My brother has that desk! And where did you get your coat rack? I've given up on finding a good one and just might buy a cheapo one from IKEA...

    PS, i DESPISE worms on rainy days too. It smells like wet and makes me want to vomit x_x

  2. Is that... a Van Gogh "Starry Night" iPod touch cover? O_O I want!!!!!! Where did you get it??? *read my enthousiasm in the massive amounts of exclamation and question marks*

  3. I have a similar pen/highlighter thingy! haha Your desk & room look so tidy.. (judging from that photo alone). My desk is in my basement and it's really a mess. SO MANY BOOKS! I can't stand a cluttered work area, but I can't help it. :(

    I've watched the sunrise before (with my boyfriend last year), but I've never sat down and watched the sunset because I always go home when it's setting. It's like a 2 in 1 deal .. watching the sunset while in the car or on the bus. LOL

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. Woman, you want to gain 20 lbs? I will give you my 20 lbs. Please take it away from me!!!

  5. You do know that I'm mad jealous of you right now, do you? :P

  6. Hmm, I might go and look for it, thanks for the suggestion! ^.^

    How crazy, it sticks on glass o.O I'm getting to old for all this new technology... :P

  7. Hehehe, I hope that doesn't happen too often :P Eventhough there are worse things than Helvetica -- is thinking about people who are still not tired of using Comic Sans -___-

  8. Wow I sooo need a token holder in my life lol

  9. OHMG TaeYang... *dies*
    I like your birthtime. Make a wish XD

  10. Gain weight?? I'm looking to lose weight *sigh* I've gained these past few months... damn you food you are too good and delicious *smacks lips*