Jan 6, 2011

It's gonna be a Guu-d year!

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Guu Izakaya - 398 Church St.

My second time at Guu! The place is amazing and has definitely become my favourite restaurant. I managed to snap this picture just before it turned completely dark. Guu does not take reservations but if wait time is too long, you can leave your cell number with them and they'll call you 15 minutes before a table is ready. I recommend going either has a group of two or four. Anymore than that you might have to wait two hours for a table.


So I went on New Years Eve and had dinner there with 3 + 1 friends. (originally it was 4 of us but as another friend finished work nearby and we had an extra seat at the end of the table, we invited him to join us).

Regular Menu

Everything is categorized to make our lives easier. The menu made me want to cut up the squares and draw out random dishes to have haha. Don't you love the white on black contrast?

Daily Special Menu

Their daily special menus are printed on paper. I'm not sure how often they change it up but I know it's not the same menu as the first time I visited. I recommend always ordering something from this menu because you never know when you'll see it again while the regular menu will always be there.

Daily Special Menu (Spicy chopped B.C. tuna on rice with quail egg on top.)

For example, you will not find this dish and the next dish I'm showing on the regular menu. This is a cold dish and I believe the tuna is raw because it's served with wasabi. This is probably one of my least favourite dishes of the evening just because I'm not a fan of raw fish :s

Daily Special Menu (Octopus Carpaccio with garlic chips & charred scalions sauce.)

I don't remember too much about this dish because I think it was a little bland. However, it was good but just wasn't love.

Ikapiri / Deep Fried (Deep fried calamari with spicy ketchup and wasabi mayo.)

This was probably my favourite dish of the evening! It's about all the spiciness I can take without quenching for water (which is excellent haha). The only thing I wish was different about this dish was the use of ketchup. Ketchup to me is very western and not something I would expect in Japanese cuisine. But just an F.Y.I, everything on this plate was edible =D

Ebimayo / Deep Fried (Deep fried prawn in crispy batter with spicy mayo.)

I love prawn, shrimp, the whole family basically and this dish was good. I don't remember it being that spicy though. This picture only shows half of the plate.

Takoyaki / Deep Fried (Deep fried puffed octopus balls (5) served with tonkatsu sauce and mustard mayo.)

Loved this dish! I mean, I can't really compare it to takoyakis from other restaurants but I enjoyed this one. *thumbs up*

Gyu Carpaccio / Cold Dishes (Lightly seared marbled beef sashimi with ponzu sauce, wasabi mayo and garlic chips.)

Again, I'm not a raw anything type of person and I usually stay away from sashimis. This wasn't bad, in fact it was kinda good actually. But there's just something about raw meat that's kind of a turn off.

Karubi / Grilled (Salt & pepper grilled beef short ribs with green onion sauce.)

This one was a slight disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I liked this dish as well. However, I felt like I've had something similar at Dim Sum before and it's not as unique of a dish as I expected it be.

Yakiudon / Rice and Noodle (Pan fried udon noodle with beef and vegetables.)

This was as good as the last time I had it =D My friend loved it too. The texture is wonderful and the udon just melts in your mouth *drool*.

Lulu Melon (Vodka + Melon Liqueur + Guava Juice + Soda) / Frozen Grapes

My alcohol which I didn't like *sigh* Next time, I'm sticking to Bamboo.

Me: Flash makes my drink look more green than it is
Peez: Just put the napkin behind it as a white background
Me: ohhhhhh... smart! *should've known*

Emergency Exit Door

That is all for now my cupcakes ^_^


  1. I LOVEE this placeee! :) I'm actually going tomorrow for dinner! :)

  2. Takoyaki! I've never heard of this place before, there's probably none in AUS, but it looks good, though the servings seem small? But I'm a big fan of Japanese food <3

  3. lovely food pics!! =O

    *must remember this place* ^^

  4. Your photography is wonderful. The place sounds fabulous and the food, at least as seen through your camera lens, looks delicious. I hope the new year brings you all measure of good things. Blessings...Mary

  5. Food porn!!! This is love =]

  6. @priincess emily
    Oh man, so how was it? I was planning to go again too but it didn't work out. I could've bumped into you haha.

    Yea the servings are quite small for most of their food but that's usually the case with Japanese cuisine right?

    If you ever come to Toronto (or Vancouver) you have to try this place!

  7. Hi! I'm a new reader :)
    I went to Guu just once last year and I loved it there too. The atmosphere is just so cozy and friendly. Only thing is that it's expensive (at least for my budget), and cannot fill up on dinner at that place. But it would be a great snack place for afterwards :D

  8. hi! love your blog.. i love food AND love taking pictures of my food too! muhaha.. i went to GUU too when i visited vancouver last year.. i LOVED it!

    new follower here!! please come visit and follow me too if you like!