Jan 8, 2011

I believe I can fly

Has anyone ever asked you what is one super power you wish you had ? Well, my answer to that is I would love to be able to fly!!! I don't just want to fly in an airplane, I want to have wings! You know, the wings that birds have? I believe that if I consume enough "wings", I may one day grow my own pair of wings and become a bird like I was suppose to.

Anyway, let me introduce Jason to you guys. Jason is my high school friend and we have adopted each other as the other twin. You see, like me, Jason is a stick too and we pig out whenever there's food in front of us ahahaha. I was not joking when I told him he must get a girlfriend that will make him fat, in which he will then marry her for doing me this favour =) I'm sure he wishes the same for me =p

Puck N' Wings - varies locations

What better way to achieve this goal faster than stuffing our faces with meat?! Wings it is! And with beer? Yes please!

Spinach Dip

This was surprisingly good! I love spinach (in salads at least) but I HATE (cooked) red spinach, the Chinese way of cooking it at least :s Anyway, the dip was warm which preps the tummy for the soon-to-follow meat indulgence!

Lemon Pepper

There was too much seasoning on this one so it was alright.

Honey BBQ

This is my usual hehe. So good ^_^

Blue Cheese

So theses aren't really blue, but definitely fattening! We also ate all the carrot and celery sticks 'cause they were pretty juicy lol.


  1. Ow I wish I was there! Fried food = om nom nom ^^ Looks delicious!
    Hehe, they probably give the veggies to go with it, just so you have the idea of "healthy food" :P

  2. I am sooo jealous that u had wings!! I loveee wings but bf won't let me eat them because he's a nutritionist and a personal trainer so I never get to eat yummy food like this unless I do it behind his back muahahaha ;)

  3. Looks yummy!! I love wings. You're lucky you can eat whatever you want. I used to be like that but my metabolism has been catching up with me recently

  4. I <3 punk n wings~ especially on mondays when its half off wings XD
    maybe we should go one day?? :P

  5. that sounds like my fiance... eats and eats but doesn't gain weight. I wish i had that problem! hahaha!

  6. Visiting you here ;)

  7. mmm spinach dip and bread...
    my weakness.
    everything looks so good!

  8. This looks great. You've got me craving wings at 9 in the morning.

  9. wow what a delicious blogg! i just happened to stop by and goodness i'm already hungry lol! and its 11:30 PM!! so crazy lol -- but still really glad i dropped by(:


  10. food looks good yo!

    well if IIII had to choose a super power, i'd probably choose to levitate objects, then have them thrown around the room. cool eh? :)

  11. Oh wow, I love chicken wings and those look soooo good! I didn't realized you subscribed to my blog! thank you! I'm enjoying reading all your posts so far^-^

  12. @huy tran
    ahahahaa yes very cool! then they'll "accidentally" hit you in return LOL!

  13. Darn you!! >< I have to lose weight *sigh* wish I could stuff my face with anything haha

  14. @Helen; LOL..that would suck.. ><