Jan 16, 2011

OCAD over AutoCAD

OCAD is my school; AutoCAD is a software for 2D and 3D design (interior, architecture etc.) It may be a coincidence that the school acronym is apart of the name of the software program but to me it's a bit more than that. You see, upon applying to universities in my last year of high school, my top two choices were Advertising at OCAD and Interior Design at Ryerson. Advertising was something new to me that I just stumbled upon at the time. In contrast, Interior Design was something I wanted to do for two years. Unfortunately I was rejected by the program, which I now am glad that I was because otherwise, if I had chosen Interior Design over Advertising, I probably would've regretted my decision. Point is, thanks to the annual IKEA catalogue, my like for interior design never died. I cannot speak for the quality of all IKEA furniture but I love their minimal packaging, decent price range and branding.


This was my last outing before going back to school. My parents don't like IKEA so I've only been to IKEA once before in my whole entire life -.-'' My friend KC has never been either so we spent our day there. There's a reason why IKEA has their own food place and cafe! If you are looking for something in particular to purchase, you'll need an entire day there!

Chicken & Pasta

We ate first, of course. KC's meal with coffee. I was telling her that you'll never find one of those drink refill machines in China because people will go crazy and companies will go bankrupt as a result (i.e instead of one drink per person in the family, they only buy one drink, share it, and keep refilling it).

Salmon & Veggies

I opted for something healthy? And that's not water, it's Sprite without fizz =( Boo! I really liked the salmon but didn't touch the broccoli and peas lol.

Solar Powered Table Lamp

We were intrigued by these solar powered table lamps. Unfortunately, none of them worked! I tried to put the panel under another table lamp to power it up but it was still a fail I think. And see how the light "bulb" is extremely tiny? That's not gonna light up anything!

Our stuff.

By the time we got to the warehouse part of IKEA, I was so tired from lugging around stuff that I needed a cart to just put everything in. These carts are so difficult to maneuver -.-"

Frozen Yogurt

Okay, this tasted like 70% ice cream and 30% frozen yogurt. Damn IKEA, I wouldn't call this frozen yogurt! It was only $1 though. Yum.

My purchase.

I wasn't there to look for furniture, it was more like "I wonder what gems I'll find at IKEA" kind of thing. My favourite candle scent is fresh linen, smells just like laundry out of the dryer which is very orgasmic ahaha!!! But the one IKEA has is bigger than my head and I just wanted mini ones. I purchased vanilla and berries, and a little holder to go with it.

I'm such a kid

IKEA meant kids are the most important people in the world. Please, kids don't need to have that kind of mindset yet. Anyone agree?


  1. helen your such a kid LOL love the last pic~

    i use autocad at uni, never used the other one, but programms are all annoying to use haha your making me hungry with those nice pictures again >.<

  2. I love IKEA and i've only been twice. Once with my parents and once with friends. I love their yearly catalog. Even though i'm though I usually don't give a second thought about interior design, the IKEA catalogs has changed that for me. It's a huge inspiration. I'm so intrigued by how they style each room in the catalogs because they look so fantastic.

  3. I totally agree with you on the "frozen yogurt". I really don't taste the yogurt. The taste of what they serve strong resembles what you get from an ice cream truck..which is ice cream LOL.

  4. I love the salmon and vegetable medallions <33 yumyum.. also, kids are important because they are our future. The word "most" is arguable though.

    P.S. Did you know your word verification is on? : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. I LOVE Ikea frozen yogurt. Cheap and tastyyy !

  6. @alexpiano
    I'm such a kid as in I'm cute? =D Ahahahaa.. yea I'm a total kid sometimes, only sometimes.

    @Jenny Luong
    I go crazy when they release the annual catalogue!!!

    @The Little Dust Princess
    Word verification? How did that happen?

  7. There once was a time in highschool I took classes to know how to work with AutoCAD. Fun times, I liked working on AutoCAD! Because I wanted to be an architect :P Haha, ended up doing something a bit different...

    Oh IKEA! IKEA how I love you! It's been ages since I visited IKEA. Probably ten years or so T.T And we never ate there because my Mom doesn't like eating in IKEA T.T

    (yup, word verification...)

  8. Ah, i love IKEA! It's nice to just walk around the showrooms and imagine your place actually looks like that. haha! Best of all? The cheap food! $1 breakfast plates? Yes, please! I know what you mean though - there are a lot of Chinese people here and whenever there is a way to get something free, they're all over that (and nothing wrong with it... it's just what they happen to be known for! haha). Back when i was in school, we were given the opportunity to go to a food tradeshow and of course they were giving away free samples. Everyone had maybe 1 or 2 bags full of samples... The chinese folks? First of all, they brought their whole family with them and secondly, each person had a LUGGAGE bag with them and they were literally wiping items off the shelves as if it was Y2K the next day. haha!

  9. i havent been to ikea in ages!!! but i gotta admit everything at my bf's place is from ikea!!! and i loveee frozen yogurt ... must have it soon

  10. 'once in your whole life'? Well I've NEVER been there. Bwuhahah!

    lol @ your last photo. Get out of there. Haha jk jk. ^0^!

  11. I LOVE IKEA! I really like the weird names of all their furniture! Great blog!

  12. You love interior design?! Awesome!! I love looking at house things hehe. I'm not technical so I just kind of call it home decor for me and sort of use interest in 'interior design' sparingly on my part lol. I love going to Ikea! Very affordable things that are nice too.

    Haha, when I said I tag Helen.. yes I meant you ;P
    And actually you can find Vero Moda in The Bay =)

  13. I LOVE salmon. Your photo makes me want to make some right 11pm at night. haha.
    I didn't know IKEA sold ice cream/ frozen yogurt!

  14. @Kym
    OMG I was telling my friend that I should move to the condo that's right next to IKEA because I can just go to IKEA for the $1 breakfast everyday haha!

    @Natalie Nguyen
    Hmm.. the Bay... I can't believe they stopped accepting SPC card -.-'' Maybe next time when I stop by the Bay, I can see the Vero Moda line in person. From their website, they seem to have some cute stuff =D

    @Jennifer and Sherry
    Yea they sell it in their cafe, with cinnamon rolls and coffee and other stuff. It's a nice treat for anyone at the end of an IKEA trip :D

  15. i love ikea too! i've heard about ikea's cheap meals, but have yet to try. the only food i've had were their 50c hotdogs haha!! what can i say, my (asian) parents are cheap.

    i think i've seen you around at ocad by the way! :)

  16. @a,
    Well what can I say, asian parents are typically known for being cheap lol. Then again, it's probably hard for anyone to pass on the 50 cents hotdogs lol!!!

    WHAT!!!! I'm sorry but you don't look familiar to me *cry* If you see me on campus next time please stop me and say hai =D I don't know anyone from my circle of bloggers that's from OCAD =(