Jan 30, 2011


Year 3 Semester 2 Weeks 1-2.

Drawing isn't my forte to my honest but I think if I had taken some sort of private lessons when I was younger, I could draw a lot better now. We were put to the test in my Advertising Concept class to kick off the semester with a self portrait. I had five minutes to draw this with my wrong hand (I'm a righty so I drew this with my left hand).


This is what I came up with. Funky eh? I didn't want to use the typical sketching method so I used a red pen =D I think this defines me quite well.

I took Editorial & Publication Design 2 as my elective for this semester. I'm considering going into this field if I decide not to stay in Advertising when I graduate next year. I had to make an exact copy of a page from a magazine.

The original I pulled out of the magazine.

This is what I created on the computer before inserting the picture.

Final Product =)

Must admit it wasn't the most exiting assignment but it taught us important terminologies which will be useful later on.

And finally in Copywriting class, we had to write a story of either why we are studying advertising or who we are.

7 years old. I'm pretty sure my grandma cut my hair -.-''

There are two incidents in my life thus far in which I have been a disappointment to my mom. Funny enough, the first incident occurred during her first pregnancy, or rather I should say, my birth. At times she tells me that she had wanted a boy; let’s just say that when I “popped out” I wasn’t exactly what she wanted. To make matters worse, she chose a unisex name for me just so that I could be more of a “tomboy”. So as a child, I wasn’t keen on my image; I struggled to rock my Bruce Lee hairstyle in my over-the-knee floral dresses; I played tag with the boys more often than skipped ropes with the girls, and I had more Power Rangers than Barbie dolls. It took a couple of years to strip off the tomboy image but the girl underneath the make-up, the purple hair and behind the pink laptop today, is still a tomboy at heart.

The second disappointment to my mom was probably when she discovered that I am artistically inclined; inheriting it from my grandfather who is an artist. Throughout middle school and high school, I have always spent more time doing homework for visual arts than for any other subject. When the time to put together a portfolio came along, I was willing to cut and burn a couple of ****** in the hopes that the interviewer will see something different that will distinguish me from the rest of the interviewees. Of course, my mother was absolutely against such sinful acts, but I did it anyway. I considered it as my first step to being different from everyone else. It made me realize that I am not just another girl in the crowd — I am unique. And although I am one of twenty in a class, I hope to stand out from the rest.

(****** I've gotten in too much shit for doing this so I have to censor it sorry.)

I might've exaggerated a little with my mom being disappointed with me but I know she loves me and she's fine with what I do now. Although I'm sure most asian parents would rather their child(ren) become lawyers or doctors, but let's face it, not everyone can and not everyone will.


  1. argh, i had the same haircut as a child. --' either that or the comb-over,

    i was gonna ask what the ***** part meant. Haha, alrighty. it must be something Bad-ass C:<

  2. Ah cute little Helen! You were so skinny!! O.O
    What a weird assignment, drawing yourself with your wrong hand... But I remember back in the days when I used to follow art classes we had to do these kind of exercises as well. Never really understood the point of it.

  3. @huy tran
    I feel sorry for all the asian kids who went through this.
    I will tell you what ****** means if you come to Canada ha.

    unfortunately i'm still that skinny *sigh*
    I think drawing it with your right hand is probably too easy?! But it's fun since it uses a different part of your brain.

  4. go to Canada just to find out what that censored part meant. HMMMMMM i will think about it. HAHAHA :D jks.

  5. don't let people define you! do what you love even if it makes you poor and looked down upon. at least you remain true to you soul ( i went into fashion design and my mom wants me to be a lawyer but i'm so happy doing what I do that she eventually understands)

  6. *gives Helen lots of food*
    Hmm, yeah, I guess you're right about the drawing with your right hand being too easy. But still... Oh well, as long as it is fun! ^^
    Haha, I usually celebrate the end of the exams with a good night sleep ^^ (and loads of chocolate and movies)

  7. Wow, you drew that with your left hand?! I think if I were to attempt it'd come out to look like... like... scribbles -.-'

    Dangggg Helen... I feel you. Asian parenting, nuff said LOL. Actually it's funny because when my dad was still alive, him and my mom kept 'trying' for a boy but ended up with 3 girls (stopped because he passed away). As for me, personally I really REALLY don't care whether or not in the future I have a boy or a girl. I'm perfectly content with either, as long as my baby is healthy =D. I used to be kind of tomboyish too, but I hung out with both girls and boys, but then hung out with girl in middle school. Even then it didn't stop me from wearing baggier clothes and by gr.9 I was also wearing guy shirts - you know the ones with the stupid sayings... I look back and first thought that comes to mind? "What was I thinking?" T__T

    Oh by the way, that's so skillful that you copied the mag like that! It's like you photocopied it!

  8. @Natalie Nguyen
    I'm so sorry about your dad Nat =( Must've been hard for your mom to raise 3 kids on her own.

    Yea my parents stopped trying after my sister was born, they didn't want to risk another girl lol.

    I made sure I took my sweet ass time on that self portrait with my left hand lol