Nov 28, 2010

Today is a blue day...

Current Song: Rihanna - Slower to Heal

Bonjour mes beaux petits gâteaux!
(Hello my lovely cupcakes! Although technically it translates to small cakes haha)

Why are you speaking French Helen?!?!
I'm trying to improve my French! I didn't enjoy taking French when it was mandatory in school but now that I don't have to, I actually want to. I think it'll come in handy when I visit Quebec in the future.

Am I glad that it is the end of the week or what! I certainly did not enjoy this past week since I turned to retail therapy a couple times D= I will share with you guys my lovely purchases in the next post though ^_^ I didn't have work today and the meeting that was originally planned for today got cancelled too wohoo! Yet.. I'm still sitting here in my room and feeling blue. The ups and downs of life can really ruin a person's mood, seriously.

Blue makeup collection

Sometimes I wonder why girls have so much makeup... yet I look at my stash at home and think damn, why did I get sucked into those sales. Why do I even have all these blue eyeshadows? I rarely wear blue because it's so unflattering on my eyes. But I've decided that whenever I feel blue, I'm gonna wear these.

Speaking of blue, I haven't shown some of the school assignments that I have completed recently.

Disney Project

The assignment was to sell Disney to baby boomers. My partner and I decided to go with a subtle sexy concept, hence we came up with the line "Disney After Dark" *wink* *wink* But this is the billboard which gets people to go to the actual website (made-up website of course). I'm pretty sure the whole class hated this assignment because we're so use to Disney being associated with children and fun family time, not for people our parents' age.

Toronto Police Service Project

I did not enjoy this assignment either =( First of all, it's 3 foot by 2 foot, costs $40 to print and I struggled with the concept. *sigh* But it's done now. I have never spent so much time on an image before in Photoshop.. yet I sat there hours after hours trying to manipulate this fingerprint so that I can integrate the copy into it. *note to self* do not mess with fingerprints again.

Sorry for the rather short and pointless post. Sometimes life just makes everything so blue and gloomy. What I learned this week is that sometimes being nice is actually a hurtful thing to do. Do everything in moderation and life will be okay. Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. I'm glad the week is over too. D: Just submitted my essay before 11pm and I sort of feel free. On to my exams though... booo.

    Your Disney assignment was pretty interesting. : ) If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was some sexual Disney-fantasy site. LOL

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. LoL. Did you make up the fingerprint or is it actually someone's fingerprints? Haha
    I like the color scheme of the Disney one. SO pretty!

  3. I hope the upcoming days will be a bit more orangey for you...I like your designs hun, I thought the fingerprint one was pretty cool in fact! ^^

    You'll be visiting Quebec soon?

  4. i have the same issues with blues. luckily its one thing I don't buy anymore when I see them.
    Yes they might look pretty, but I really can't pull them off properly.

    I know you think this is pointless, but I like posts like these. A little glimpse into what you are doing, and getting to see what creative energy you have :)

    the disney is tres cute^^

  5. here in quebec, english course is mandatory lol
    don't worry about french language, most people in west island of Montreal and downtown speak english o.O and some french people understand english or little bit.

    I love your purchases =D

  6. your photoshop skills are impressive! love the tagline "it starts with the click of a mouse"... aka disney mouse haha!

  7. The first thing that caught my eye was your Toronto Police Project, even though your Disney one looks cooler. Lol, it's like an occupational hazard. I can't stop thinking about anything related to criminology.

  8. Oops! "Not related" is what what I meant.

  9. haha i often wonder the same thing.. i tell myself i'll use whatever it is that i bought, but it'll just end up collecting dust.

    reply to your comment:
    the scarf took me about a week of super hardcore crocheting.

  10. Ah, feeling the blues is definitely something I was feeling too. I'm wondering if it has to do with the weather =\
    Even shopping makes me feel sick to my stomach haha, at least it's still a therapy to you!

  11. @The Little Dust Princess LOL! Well the target audience was Baby Boomers so we couldn't do the normal kiddie/family fun type of concept. You'd be surprised at all the stuff only grown-ups can do ($$$ required though haha)