Nov 20, 2010

Meeting New People (part 5)

Have I ever told you guys how much I love writing my MNP series? Like Joanna mentioned in her post, it's like going on blind dates haha. Yes I finally met Joanna! Would've been sooner but for varies reasons I wasn't able to attend some of the beauty enthusiast meet-ups from the past months =( Oh and Kevin from MNP part 3 was in this meet-up too =p But he's old news (just kidding =p).

7 West

How the place looks like. Very nifty. You can choose the 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor but we were cool enough to choose the patio (but really it was because the waiter told us the bigger available tables were reserved for bigger groups -.-''). The patio was cold initially and it took a while for the heat to fill the room but I can imagine it being a lovely place on summer nights.


The design for the menu isn't bad although the lights in the patio were quite dim. The candles they brought us didn't help much and to say the moon provided light is a bit far stretched haha.

Joanna's Beer

The mountains didn't turn blue did they?

My hot chocolate.

I thought it was a bit chilly for cold beverages so I opted for hot chocolate :s Wish I had beer though.

Appetizer: Nachos (A single serving of tortilla chips, tomatoes, melted cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole & jalepenos)

We shared this plate of nachos (and all the other food). Some of the nacho pieces were ridiculously tiny! The cheese hardened quickly as well.

Sandwich: Proscuitto Panino w/ crisps (proscuitto with bocconcini cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado spread)

I agree with Joanna on this one, it was a bit too salty. I liked the chips though haha.

Pasta: Penne Arrabiata (Italian sausage, red peppers, onion & garlic in a spicy tomato sauce)

I love pasta, but this was nothing too special. Sadly, this picture doesn't make it look too appetizing either.

Pita Pizza: Sicilian pita pizza w/ side salad (plum tomatoes, garlic, goat cheese, kalamata olives, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese)

This was my favourite dish =D The pizza was lovely (though we all agreed that portion wise it could've been bigger). The salad was very fresh too - Joanna's favourite!


YES WE ATE IT ALL. Pigs. Remember now, when we dropped food on the table, we just pushed it down the cracks *evil laugh*

Bit of Bliss: Chocolate Banana Cake

This was so yummy =D Great way to finish off the meal hehe. I tasted banana pieces in this one! It was indeed lovely (not a fan of chocolate chips though - Kevin loved it).

The most photographed award goes to the chocolate banana cake. Why? Because when we took photos of it, it just looked unappetizing from every angle. I think I've captured a decent shot.


On a separate note, I have exactly 2 more weeks of school left for this semester! No free time whatsoever until then. Essays, assignments, work ahhhh!!! *Helen freaks out* I have many post ideas for December though! Stay tuned cupcakes ^_^


  1. Yummmm! THe pizza does look amazing. It cracked me up that the cake had the most pics. I was expecting to read "because it was so freaking delicious we wanted as many photos od it". Hahaha. I like the table and the benches of this place. It looks like you guys went to a park and a nice picnic. :D

  2. Hehe, I think it must've been a funny sight, all these bloggers together on one table, taking pictures of everything on the plates >< The waiters will have stared at you guys oddly, I suppose ^.^

    The banana cake looks tasty, if it were so difficult taking a good shot of it, than I'm sure you were the lucky girl who managed to get one ^.^

  3. Hey! That chocolate banana cakes look scrumptious! :) I'm a big foodie so I'll def be following x

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  5. i wanna go see her again but i'm too lazy to drive to the other side of the city and there'll prob be even more people there this time because of david archuletta and jesse mccartney

    ah the 2 striped one is a zip up sweater? i think friend got it for me in highschool

    ah my semester is ending soon and i have my transfer app to finish FML lol...but i like writing...shouldn't be a problem T_T

  6. Good luck on the rest of your semester! =] This post is like the mirror image of xjole's lol apparently that restaurant does a poor presentation on food also =x at least you guys had fun!

  7. goodluck with the remaining 2 weeks :) you know after you get to rest and do fun stuff~

    cant wait to read more of your posts ^^

  8. Hey, I have an award for you!! Come to my blog :D