Dec 20, 2010

Busy December

Current Songs: Hilary Duff - Happy // Rihanna - Slower to Heal

Hello cupcakes ^_^ I've been on holiday for two weeks now and this post is indeed over due. I have less time to blog now than when I still had school *sigh*. But speaking of school, here are some of my go-to meals from this past semester:

Muffin & Tea Special

I have a love and hate relationship with McDonald's. Yes it's unhealthy but how can you pass on the coffee and muffin special (in my case, tea and muffin special)? I've tried all the muffins and blueberry is hands-down my favourite. YUM!

Breakfast Happy Meal

If I'm early for class and not feeling too lazy, I'll have the breakfast happy meal, aka hot cakes happy meal. I substituted the toy with cookies.

Beef Udon

There's a (very) small Japanese Restaurant in the food court across the street from school. The employees are Japanese and sorry to disappoint sushi lovers but they don't serve sushi. Sometimes I order take-out because I have to be in school and do work. Otherwise, I sit in.

Curry Don

This is curry with rice, I order this with when I don't want to fuss with the udon broth (above).

Bulgogi & Mango Slush

My go-to meal. I've had about 20 of these in the past 6 months (no joke). The place is owned by Koreans so you know it's legit. I've tried bulgogis elsewhere but they just don't compare!

Cookie & Banana + Ice Cream

One of my latest late-night obsessions is banana with ice cream. It's a mix made in heaven.

100° Hot Pot (650 Highway 7 East)

And to finish off the semester, friends and I decided to go to all you can eat hot pot! The place was jam packed on a Thursday night; thank goodness for reservations. Hot pot is indeed messy. The good thing about all you can eat is unlimited desert!!! I had a scoop of coconut ice cream, a scoop of red bean ice cream and two orders of mango pudding (it was soooo good!). I will go back just for the pudding haha.

Hope you all are doing well and have finished your Christmas shopping already ^_^
Take care.


  1. omigosh so unhealthy, but I do love the beef and curry udon. :D

    I've yet to try 100° even though my boyfriend & I pass by it all the time. Have you tried iCook? They're really good. om nom nom.

    I have two more exams on Wed & Thurs. LOL Then I have to finish my take home exam due when classes start. Yay me! : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. Yum yum yum. Looking at the food makes me drool haha.

  3. delicious food! i haven't finish my christmas shopping... one more thing then it's done!

  4. LoL. I love hotpot!!

    Hope you're having lovely vacation

  5. I got mine through amazon. I don't know if they ship to Canada but I don't see why not!

  6. you have been doing a lot of eating! well, me too! Christmas is when you forget your diet and just eat whatever!!!

    i used to eat almost nothing when i was in school. i went to dentistry school and my schedule was too hectic for eating!

  7. omgg sooo yummmyy... you are soo cute btw =]

    I live soo close to 100 hotpot and ive never been to it!! i should really try ittt!!

  8. @The Little Dust Princess Did I reply to you already? I can't remember lol I just added the "reply" option to the comments!!! (aka replying to all the comments now)

    I've never tried iCook! Where is it?

    @FleurLapin Oh man, usually shipping is a lot more for us Canadians than you guys. You'd think Canada has a good relationship with the States but not when it comes to shipping =(

    @...crickette... Ohh during the last couple weeks of week I definitely had some "I'm too busy to eat" days! Arrhhgg.. not good!

    @Alx Aww thanks! To be honest though, they didn't bring out everything we ordered during the first round (there were 10 of us so think how much we ordered lol) Go early or else you'll have to wait.