Nov 8, 2010

Partner in Crime

Hello my lovely cupcakes ^_^ Last week was by far the toughest week of the semester. I lacked so much sleep that I went straight to bed after dinner on Friday (6pm) and woke up at 10am the next morning haha. Anywho, this post is dedicated to a good friend =)

A couple of weeks ago I was having trouble with an essay and can you believe nobody was able to help me out!?! O_O Then came Edward to the rescue! Wohoo! Ed and I actually have 4 of 5 classes together. He's my ultimate competition in school at the moment, and he knows it! But thanks for helping me with my essay! I feel very bad for getting a higher mark in the end though LOL. I don't know how that happened.


We went to O&B Canteen for lunch a couple days later (somewhere on King St.) Now this is a menu I enjoyed looking at! Nicely designed and one-sided only =)

Chef's Daily Creation (Pasta)

Sorry I don't know what I ordered since it was their daily special :s

Gnocchi (Pasta)

This is what I originally wanted to order but Ed beat me to it -.-'' Clearly this picture wasn't taken by me since my pictures aren't usually this dynamic =p

Toronto Reference Library

Ed also "introduced" me to the Toronto Reference Library. I've always known its existence but never had the need to spend time in a library. Alas, the day I decided to go, I bumped into Ed. 'Tis a small world hm?

4th floor.

My partner and I in the distance working on our assignment. Ed wanted to know what we were working on so he could copy us! There was definitely some stalking going on! Just kidding haha.

Just playin'

Ed has a DSLR and I was playing around with it hehe (gonna get my own soon! I'm saving up right now!). Just look at this picture, you can see my desktop AND my reflection! This and the previous two pictures were taken with Ed's camera.

Sho-yu Ra-men

We also went to Kenzo Ramen the other day. Ed didn't know I blogged about Kenzo recently haha but it was fun =)

Net-Su Ra-men

This was quite spicy according to Ed.

C'est Moi! (It's me!)

Why the sudden French? Well Ed is from Montreal and so he also speaks French. He knows how to piss me off - by speaking fluent French to me knowing that I can't understand shit. Anyway, I found this picture on my camera LOL. Ed took it while I was working on HIS assignment. It was such a pain to make his copy work that I kinda just gave up haha.

Me again.

Okay, before anyone flips out on me for not being "lady like" in this picture, mind you I go to an Art school and no one gives a damn what you do, how you dress or how you look. Plus, I was so tired from thinking about assignments that I just needed to sit back and chill for a minute. But since we're on this picture, I should also mention that these shoes just happen to be my favourite pairs of shoes ever! As much as I love boots, flats and heels, I would give it all up for my Reebok. It's funny because technically these are actually wrestling shoes :s And I guess you can consider them "classics" since Reebok doesn't make these anymore =( I'm so sad!! I want back-ups! I want a pair in hot pink!

Me 3

Last Friday, my 8:30am class had to present our Disney assignments. It was the perfect opportunity to wear my Minnie Mouse ears! I even forced my partner to wear it with me *chuckles*. It was a good way to wake the class up since presentations are usually boring anyway and most of us lacked sleep from the night before trying to finish up the assignment. I know the smile looks deceiving but that face only slept for 30 minutes and had on minimal face makeup. (I remember getting home from school at 1:45am and only having to leave home at 6:20am to go back to school LOL.)

Well this post covers the past three weeks. I'm about to pass out from a very tiring day - worked from 7-4 today o-m-g. Good night.


  1. OH goodie! Distraction from studying for my chem test. Feels like my head is going to explode if I have to look at one more formula. LoL.

    Do you have a Macbook? Does everyone in your group have a Macbook?? LoL I want one but it's so darn expensive!Wow, thats a very nice library. But man... I really want ramen now. looks sooo good!

    Ed sounds like a nice guy. Sounds like you have a lot of "studying" time with him. Hahaha

  2. LOL I hate it when the person I helped gets a better mark than me. And a major pet peeve of mine back in high school was when someone copies off your work, fixes the mistakes on their piece, and doesn't tell you about it. They end up getting the higher mark for copying you and editing the work. -_-' Good thing I never allowed anyone to do that!!

    The food looks tres delicious, especially the spicy one. (I love spicy foods<3)

    Ever since I started following your blog, I've always associated you with those Minnie Mouse ears. I see you with it EVERYWHERE.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. OHhh I see! I wish Macbooks were mandatory so my parents would buy me one. Haha.

    That rang a bell. Haha. Well, you can't force attraction. Cute mouse ears! Reminds me I get to go to Disneyland next next weekend!

  4. Helen, the more you update your foodie post i'm starting to see we have something in common. I've been to most of the places you posted. kind of a small world! Good luck w/ school!!!

  5. Get some sleep Helen! You sound like you had a tiring week/multiple weeks so I think you deserve some rest ^.^

    The library looks like a great workspace. I love libraries. They calm me down and somehow, they have this productive atmosphere... And the Toronto Reference Library looks like a pleasant place to work. Open spaces, plants, light... And calm! Here all libraries are always way too crowded -___-

  6. the food looks delish!

    and you look so cute as minnie mouse !

  7. mm another pix reminding me i want MAC ha

  8. Thanks for the music suggestions ^.^b I'll make sure to check them out :) I love David Choi!! (already had some music by him on my iTunes before... His voice is just... perfect)

    I placed my camera on a bookshelf on the other side of the room and then took a sprint to the window to take my position before the camera shot the picture ^.^ Having someone else taking the picture would be a lot easier, yes...

    I'm 1.79m tall (= a bit over 5'10") and we're all pretty tall and skinny in our family (see here). A few days ago my bro was on regional tv and we all sat there thinking: man that boy's skinny... xP I guess when you're used to something it doesn't attract too much attention anymore.

  9. Something I forgot to reply to: I like all sorts of music ^.^ Don't really have one style... Everything besides screamo or the likes. It just doesn't sound like anything I'd want to listen to...

  10. Wow! Some of that food looks really delish!

  11. Hey, i couldn't visit your blog without leaving a comment, it's too awesome.
    I like your Minnie Mouse ears!
    And my friend and I have the same problem. He's great at teaching me math concepts, but when he goes to do them on the test, he can't for some reason, and I end up gettting a higher grade. I used to feel guilty, but now that he's into his top choice college I figure I need the help more than he does.

  12. Man I love sneakers. Those are some HOT Reeboks ! And I'd love to be walking around campus doning and mini mouse headband. Yay for freedom of expression ;-D

  13. Ah~ the Toronto Reference Library. Oooh saving up for zhe camera =) That's great! And then your blog will have even more awesome pics!

    P.s. I am probably one of the least lady-like people around haha!!

  14. wow the library looks nice =O and you are so cute with minnie mouse ears =D