May 27, 2011

from tea party to baking intervention

Current Song: On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez

I knew I needed an intervention when I couldn't remember the last time I baked. It's not my fault I swear! My family doesn't bake! We don't even have a goddamn mixer the last time I checked. And our oven? -only used to heat frozen pizza.


My friend has this giganticnormous bake book of all things CHOCOLATE. From cakes to cookies to drinks you name it. If you love chocolate and baking then look no further, this is your bible.


In goes the chocolate chips and walnuts! Smelled delicious. And no we weren't cooking the pot on the stove haha.


Just kidding.. it does look like vomit though. Yuck.
We had to do a lot of improvising with the ingredients and materials. It was a recipe for cupcakes but we didn't have the cupcake pan so it ended up being a cake. It was also suppose to be half whole wheat flour but we didn't want an interracial cake so we subbed for all purpose flour.


The picture in the book is very misleading. You can't get a dark cake if the ingredients are all light sheeesh.


Nonetheless, the cake turned out very yummy. And what better to go with it than tea? My two friends took the two pictures with their Polaroid cameras (super jealous). Right now, this poor uni student just can't afford $2/picture to play. Two cameras, one came out with a brown tint while the other came out with a green tint. If the Polaroid pic on the right looks weird to you, it's because I Photoshopped it into the picture haha.


  1. typical asian families. using they ovens to bake frozen pizza or in my case, as a storage for large pots!! haha and never bake!! but this look like fun!!

  2. @ThisIsAlx
    AHAHAHA we do use it to store pots as well!!! XDDDD

  3. Chocolate. Yum.

  4. that cake looks good. i'm really bad with baking, i make such a mess. anddddd i don't like cleaning up haha!

    great photoshop skills haha i didn't even notice the picture offness until you mentioned it!

  5. Now you got me wanting to bake and I've come to realize nothing ever looks like the picture when I do it :/ but your cake looks good none the less.

  6. nice fail cupcake :3 Hahah , it looks delicious!
    and i want a polaroid camera.. everyone's got one nowadays. ;A;

  7. Lol, interracial cake :p
    Helen, come visit me! And take some of that delicious uncupcake with you, I'm having crazy cravings for sweet things.
    Ah polaroid <3 Too expensive though *cries*

  8. "You can't get a dark cake if the ingredients are all light sheeesh." Ahaha SO TRUE!!
    Hey I didn't even know that you photoshopped that other photo in- pro skills!!

    I think I'm going to have to resort to watching movies online too hahaha! Movie tickets cost so much nowadays =( But I'm totally going to watch Transformers in theatres- that's a must!!

  9. each time i bake turns horrible o__O

  10. The polariods are so cute! That cake looks delicious. Props for awesome baking :D

  11. yuck I hate jennifer lopez's song. My friend started clubbing in my car and doing the raise the roof gestures and I just wanted to commit seppuku.


    Give me the cake. The polaroids are very cute. Since your jobs havent started yet and you are still in summer mode - where have you been going? Please update us on a future post.

    I was very amazed at the sending raw eggs project. I had to do it in shop class except we didn't mail it (I think that's even harder). Instead we went to the highest level in our schools and had to forcefully drop them onto the ground. I designed a perfect system and it landed safely hehe.

  12. Yum the cake looks absolutely delicious! Love the polaroids too :)

  13. that's weird. how they made the cupcakes brown yet they came out far from it. perhaps they used food colouring lol.

    yes, i'm doing summer classes right now! i want to get my liberal credits out of the way and do more studio ones in the fall/winter semesters.

  14. Huh.. I can see why you'd have trouble with the mini size of the Lise Watier concealer wheel. I saw those kits before and it looks seriously cute but inconvenient haha. It definitely is a drier formula but after some use with your fingers, it's more workable. Personally for me, I need a drier formula. Maybe you need something creamier- you should try Annabelles!

  15. but, but HELENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! i did singgggg. not with the microphone, but still! xD so "tsk tsk" you! HAHAHA! and i sound funny when i sing solo. i apparently sing monotone throughout songs.. =o="