May 8, 2011

you see my dilemma?

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Hello cupcakes :) I'm glad everyone enjoyed my post on Pho! I will most definitely update you guys when I go for an XL in the near future.

So one thing I utterly hate about eating out is the wide range of food selection. Wide range is good for most people because it gives them choices. But for someone like me who has a hard time deciding even from the McDonald's menu (and already knowing the entire menu forward and backward), extensive menus overwhelm me. And trust me, Moxie's menu isn't nearly as bad as Chinese restaurants, especially those in plazas and malls.

Photo Credit: my friend Grace.

Anyway, nothing on the menu stood out to me, hence my expression. Perhaps this is why I don't do well in this type of settings? And why don't restaurants EVER have a picture for every dish that they offer? Wouldn't life be so much easier that way?


I really really wanted a salad but then I remembered that I needed to put on weight so I opted for something a little bit fattier :) I even said no to the salad as a side dish :(

Lobster & Brie Grilled Cheese + fries

Ta-da~! I know it looks plain but you would have never guessed that there was lobster meat between the toast hm? It was way too salty though – so salty it could make your blood pressure skyrocket. But knowing me, I probably needed the boost. The cheese and fries didn't do much for me either as I'm still faraway from ever having high cholesterol on my record.

Grilled Salmon Sandwich + tossed salad

My friend on the hand opted for something much healthier. Anyone had salmon sandwich before? I did have some of that side salad though :D LOVE cranberries!!!

Honey Roasted Garlic Top Sirloin + Double Baked Potato

My other friend ordered the ever so yummy looking steak. The baked potato seemed yummy but I was too full to try. Next time...


So apparently their brownie is delicious and I must now agree as well. The extra drizzled chocolate on the plate itself was so unnecessary but the ice cream and whipped cream complimented the warm brownie sooooooo well. I RECOMMEND!!! What a great desert to top off the meal.


  1. They all look delicious, no wonder you can't decide! Btw, I like your glasses. Where are they from?

  2. @Diana
    It's Prada. Mine has pink details but I have seen orange and green on other people. And depends on where you go, the detail on the side may vary =)

  3. Hate that you go for fatty foods because you need to gain weight. Not that many people can say that. So jelly!

  4. mmm thats a nice brownie=)
    btw thats a very nice picture of you!

  5. moxies is pretty damn good! but it also depends on the location! i'm sad you didn't get to try that baked potato because it is uber delicious :D

  6. I agree with mizzsandychau.. that is such a niceee picture of you!!! =]..and i love all that food u showed i dont think i can choose either Im very bad at it too... but if you wanna gain weight why not go for good fats instead? i havent had fries in years!! my bf will kill me cuz he's a nutritionist =S if i ever wannna eat fries i would have to do it behind his back LOL kinda like cheating =P

  7. Oh the sirloin dish looks so good! I love Moxie's dishes :D


    it's even more annoying if you go to Asian restaurants and don't know how to say the dish name, but just have a mental image of it in your head.

  9. oooo i love your food pictures!!! =D very tasty!

  10. Damn youuuu Helen!! I want to eat fattie foods but I can't because I'm trying to lose weight *sobs*

  11. Haha forgot to say this as I was too busy cursing you :P
    I agree with you on long menus~ usually the waiter comes twice to ask me if I'm done and I'm like "uh.. I'm going to need another minute." Some items sound like other items with a couple of things changed -.- And YES, pictures with all dishes would be nice. I usually order the ones with the pics because I don't want to get stuck with something I don't like hahaha! I suck at visualizing so instead I drool over the pics- thus why I always end up ordering those haha.

  12. I love Moxie for desserts and drinks but their food is only so so for me. Next time you go you must try that white chocolate brownie! Dare I say it's like sex in your mouth! lol.