May 4, 2011

Where's the M?

Current Songs: I Wanna Go & How I Roll - Britney Spears

Went to Chinatown for Pho a couple weeks ago with friends after we handed in our last Copywriting assignment.

Pho Hung.

The waiters here are 14-year old middle school boys who probably haven't hit puberty yet since they are shorter than me. Are they even legally allowed to work? But I praise them for getting a job at such a young age :)


Sometimes you will see restaurants skipping the small option and start with medium to make you think you're getting more bang for your buck. But here, they've skipped the medium option for Pho. I opted for the large.

My bowl.

I usually order the smallest one because the bowls are usually quite big anyway. But this time I was determined to finish a large bowl, and I did!!! Mission accomplished muhahaha. With time, I'll upgrade to an XL.


  1. Pho is great, I usually throw in everything from bean sprouts to hot sauce.

  2. Hello,

    I've been here! I went with a friend when we were doing some schoolwork downtown. He's vietnamese. We thought it was funny how chinatown toronto is sort of viettown, which is kind of true. real vietnamese restaurants have a different taste... I like.

    I thought it was funny how all designers have tables that are cut up hahahahahahaha XD Sad but true. I hope your summer is great so far? I have no clue what interesting things are happening in Toronto... I'm debating on whether to fly to ottawa and see william + kate. I have absolutely no interest in their wedding and stuff but might as well blog about something neat~

  3. which reminds me to thank you for your funny comments =D I think you are the only one who laughed at my sex jokes. I have a french reader who told me she liked the fact that I thought dirty because french people think that way too.. but it didn't elicit any further "ha ha ha kevin you are so funny" responses.

    The new year fireworks (sorry for late reply) were about 50 minutes long? I thought it was short until you reminded me that it probably costs a lot of money to do :S If you go to ontario place for canada day or symphony of fire, whatever they call it, you can see pretty fireworks too!!! But they make you pay to go inside blah. The song for the video was Canon like you said, how could you not remember! It was from my sassy girl! Easy!!

  4. And finally thank you for not thinking I'm ugly. It's nice to know there are decent people in this world. Lately I'm getting fed up with some fobs around the mall and at school... of any race. they're so SNOBBY! Fuckin rude.

    You take care now. Hope the camp thing turns out to be fun~~ I hate kids.

  5. i always pick the small one because i thought that i can't finish the large one xD maybe i will try someday =D

  6. Mmmmm.... how yummy! I love pho.

  7. AWWW YUMMMM! haha, good work!
    can't wait for you to post about XL pho! xD

  8. LOL @ Kevin still going on about snobby fobs! hahaha I enjoy eating at Pho Hung! My parents don't like it though. haha They think it's more catered to white people because of all the tourists downtown. We used to go to the "legit" one uptown or something. Forgot. Do you eat your pho with hot sauce? :P

  9. @The Little Dust Princess
    I don't mind a little hot sauce and that brown sauce people put but I prefer my pho as it is.

    My mom says the best pho is from this place called "train head" - direct translation from chinese. I think I've been to one many years ago but not recently.

  10. YUM! i love pho!!! that picture is making me want some for lunch hehehe :D

  11. i love pho, specially the spicy seafood variety :)

  12. MMM I LOVE THIS PLACE! My mom is friends with the owners so I used to come here a lot in high school with her. I haven't been here in years though. Back then, there were no 14-year old boys working there........ :S Maybe they are related to the owners and just helping out their family busines?

  13. lol i ahve to admit im a hardcore train pho fan (which is a minunte down the street), i only ate at pho hung once, but it wasnt bad at all...

    and i havto admit your post about ship the egg to your prof was sooo fun to come i nvr had a fun prof like iwould've never guessed that shipping an egg is more expensive than buying a whole dozen of them...

    Btw im holding a giveaway that include prizes from UD, Too Faced Lush, if you are feeling lucky come and sign up