Jun 2, 2011


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My friend invited a couple of us over for dinner when the semester ended back in April. I was just expecting pizza or Chinese takeout but she made a friggin' 4-course meal from scratch! I'm a pretty good cook too if I must say so myself! My specialty is boiled water... in an automatic kettle. Chyeaaaa B)

First course: Soup.

It's not pumpkin soup. No, not carrot soup either. It's sweet potato soup!

Second course: Salad.

Celery, grapes, apple, poppy seeds, and yogurt as the dressing. Loved this salad! I didn't know yogurt can be used as a dressing! If you're in for a healthy salad, try this recipe!

Main course: Lasagna.

This post is clearly overdue since I cannot recall what was in this yummy lasagna. However, I do remember that my friend used eggplant and some green veggie. This recipe can definitely be modified to suit vegetarians/vegans :) The meal is still looking healthy right?


I think this was raspberry scone or something like that. And it was goooooddd!!!! Man.. I need to ask my friend for this recipe and make it myself sometime.

Group Shot.

Cool Nerds Foreva. ahahha.

Je suis faim maintenant.
(I'm hungry now.)


  1. I think I can recognize who some of those people are? Who made it? I want them to cook for me too haha

  2. btw what do you mean cool nerds forever ... Helen man ... you were never a nerd

  3. I can't believe I saw this. I'm so STARVING right now. Hahaha :) Your friend sounds amazing for making this for you! I'm not a big fan of pumpkin, but that pumpkin soup looks really appetizing.

  4. Omg WHY did I read this post this late at night... *stomach growls* Gimme that sweet potato soup!!! Looks so goooooood. I think I will attempt to cook that one day >:D

  5. Oh just noticed Shirrrley's comment, haha looks like someone needs to reread the post ;P

  6. I'm hungry too xD
    the dessert look unique!! i want to try =D

  7. My mouth is salivating....
    Next time, don't forget to invite me...

  8. so sorry for the inconvience! i forgot to say that i excluded the duos! hahaha! pick again?!

  9. Wow awesomeness!! Ur friend can really cook some yummies!! :D

  10. OMG your frd is sooo good~~~one of my frd is a really good cook too~~~but i can only make instant noodles~~~lol but the food looks soooo good~~~~yummmm~~~