Mar 26, 2011


Current Song: Selena Gomez: Who Says, The Way I loved You

Year 3 Semester 2 Weeks 6-9

Hello Cupcakes! Last 3 weeks of school left for me (hence the lack of updates lately).

My desktop.

When I'm working on an assignment, I like to work off the desktop and clean up afterwards. I try my best to keep it as clean as possible on a regular basis but sometimes I just don't have time you know? Notice it says helencakes on the top right corner =D

Brain Age on Nintendo DS

Playing the actual game to brainstorm ideas for assignment. It's not easy trying to come up with clever lines to sell a video game to men over the age of 35! What did you have for breakfast, three days ago?

In-class Assignment.

The day we handed in our Brain Age assignment, the prof threw us an in-class assignment on Brain Age!!! Just when you thought an assignment was forever done and over with, reality hits and I just wanted to smack my head on the table like all my classmates. Notice the little stick man is actually half bald? I was hoping the prof would catch my sense of humour and he did haha! He commented "nice hair" on my assignment sheet!

Shania Twain

In the midst of looking for a summer job, I went through some artwork I did back in high school and I'm sharing with you guys one of my favourite pieces =) I'm not a fan of drawing but if you sit me down for 20 hours, I can probably do this one again. I think the size of this one is 20" x 16".

More Shania.

Using different media. Acrylic, Watercolour, Pencil Crayon and Mixed Media. Yay fun! The first time I heard a Shania Twain song was when her single Forever and Always came out back in 2003 (damn that was a long time ago O_O). Pop country is love, just think of a mature version of Taylor Swift =)


  1. Wow! That's good! You're desktop looks organized despite having a lot of things on there. I try to organize my folders so that way i don't have to search through things. Sometimes... it's still a mess. Hahaha

  2. oh i miss brain age! i haven't played brain age in 3 years! i think my brain has gotten really slow since then haha.
    that drawing you did is fantastic! so realistic, i especially love the hair! you're amazing!

  3. my desktop looks exactly the same. it's just easiest to find files when it's on the desktop! i try to organize each project with it's own project folder which is in a course folder which is in a studying year folder.

    the half bald man is so cute and funny, lol :)

    just curious, but are you looking for work in design for summer?

  4. @a,
    Work in design would be ideal for for but by design I don't mean Graphic Design. The best job for me would be interning at an Advertising Agency as an Art Director but those opportunities don't come often and they are more likely to take graduates than someone who like me who still has a year to go in her program.

    I'll put it this way, I'm just seeking any type of work I think I will enjoy doing for the summer.

  5. Wtf you're not a fan of drawing yet you drew THAT? Holy cow, talk about talent! Life's not fair. I love drawing yet I can't even draw that well. :( Rawr! And good luck on your last weeks of school!! For me alsoo, good luck on finals. :)

  6. LOL@your desktop! there' so much stuff on there like my desktop. Hi5! apparently it slows down the performance of the laptop/comp? but meh, i can't be bothered moving it anywhere.

    aw you're so pro at drawing you don't need to draw stick figures!!~ haha, congrats. it's really well done. especially the hair, cheek bones, eyes..yeah, just everything. LOL. ^^

  7. i like to work too on my desktop, it's more easy to find xD

    i love your drawing ^^

  8. @huy tran
    but stick figures are the way to go!

  9. believe it or not i am listening to all her (Shania Twain) songs RIGHT NOW and i just finished listening to Forever and Always s2.. i love her dearlyy!!! and my eyes always waters when i listen to her songs!!! s2

    btww.. love the art work!! and ur desktop is crazy!!! that's a lot of stufff!! but it looks nice =] nice bkground too!! is overwhelming for me too soo i've paused my blog but i still love visiting other ppl's blog =]

  10. my desktop is horrendous at the moment. I really need to sit down and fix it up...
    but im secretly hoping my brother will buy a new mac, and I will get I can just 'clean' while moving to a new set up...

    so far...nada

    anyway, kk, the tick man is just awesome XD
    I can't draw at all, so stick people are my best bet. I used to draw stick sheep when I was illustrating bible stories for my sunday school class...until they wouldn't stop laughing :*(

  11. Ahhh funny story. I liked the series and started collection the paperback versions...until there was this sale and I got the hardcover series for $50. I kind of regret getting it as I did have the paperback but meh~
    Story of my life hOarding crap lol
    But yes I likes it. It dragged a little but it was still fun to read~

  12. I’ve got lots of stuff on my desktop too and every once in a while, the desktop wizard would offer to clean it for me. I would usually try to move them into the various folders once I’m done with them but some stuff just don’t belong. Youe desktop is full of stuff but it’s neat! Excellent picture of Shania Twain. The last picture there looks like pop art.

  13. @Helen; gee, you sure like screaming out my Vietnamese name. :) talking about names, my Cantonese name is Fay - with a high tone. you're Cantonese right? if not, Oops!

    LOLOL at making yourself feel better. :) i actually only started buying my family and friends birthday presents this year. $$ from New Years and work.

  14. You have AMAZING skills Helen.. holy crud...

  15. AHAHA! Yeah... ;P I've missed you too.. I mean your posts! Nah can't hide it, I've missed you haha!
    I haven't publicly informed people on my old blog about my new blog yet because I just want to get comfortable first. In time I will =) Congratulations on being my first follower! Guess that makes you my number #1 fan! Bwhaha...

  16. Helen, my dear friend, why didn't I comment until today? I hope you're enjoying your holidays so far, but post something! It's been almost a month since this one *hits self for not commenting any sooner*

    Girl, how do you find the things you need on a desktop that is so full with folders and files?? I have two things on my desktop: my Macintosh HD and a folder with random stuff (and it's bothering me, I should clean it up)
    And I never ever ever want to hear you say you can't draw well because it's untrue. :P And I like the coloured versions! Heh, first song by Shania Twain I've heard was "Man, I feel like a woman" (of course). I'm not much of a country lover, except for Johnny Cash.