Apr 16, 2011


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Year 3 Semester 2 Weeks 10 - 13

Hello cupcakes! Let me start by saying SCHOOL IS OFFICIALLY OVER (until September)! The lack of posts recently was due to a hectic schedule but now that freedom is on my side, I will be catching up on tags and posts!

School Computer Lab

The screen says: Panic Class (sign up to see me) - hilarious but true. The last couple weeks of school is always brutal. People have no choice but to live, eat, sleep and shit in the studio, computer lab, library, and student lounge. My personal favourite is the mile-long line ups at the printing shops.

Creative Director: Glen Hunt

My favourite class of the semester all times at the school was taught by this guy. If you have read any of my Facebook or Twitter stats on Poutine, Brain Age, Drunk Driving or Skype, it was because of him. Countless all-nighters, hours upon hours of frustration trying to come up with clever copy and wanting to smack my head against the wall every time I couldn't find the right words from the thesaurus. YET, it was still my fucking favourite class.

Glen also invited us to his bunky, I mean, his office, to update him on our progress with our assignments during the last couple weeks of school. One of the things he told us when writing good copy is to ask and answer the 5 W's. But to really understanding consumers' mindsets, we have to ask more Why's. So we decided to change his board (which he updates daily with clever copy that pedestrians actually stop to take pictures of!) to "who what when where why why why why why". And since we ran out of the letter y, we made our own ghetto versions for the last two LOL.

Here is one of his most renowned works (Molson Canadian Rant) that he wrote the copy for:

Bamboo Craft Tablet

I've contemplated on getting a tablet for almost 2 years now so this was definitely not an impulse purchase. I can't believe how expensive this little thing was D= Hopefully I'll get plenty of use out of it both for school and personal use :)

Popcorn Indiana Kettlecorn

In another class, we had to come up with a campaign for this client, which resulted in us trying their popcorn to get inspiration of course. The Original Kettlecorn from Popcorn Indiana is both sweet and salty but oddly enough it's very good! Canadians, our Wal-Marts doesn't carry this, you'll have to find it at the upper scale groceries (got mine from Sobey's). I can't think of any negative things to say about this snack other than it could get a little expensive if you become addicted to it lol. So with that said, YOU. NEED. TO. TRY. THIS. NOW. (munchin' on this as I type)


  1. LOL@your ghetto versions of the Y's. that clip was intense. o___o. "I AM AMERICANNNNNN!"

    @Helen; haha yeah no probs. yeah i thought about extending the N's, but then i wondered when i'd stop, so i stopped on the second N. LOLOL. ^^` and thanks for noticing the outline. i thought it was cool at first. now i think it didn't make much difference. it took.. a while. --"

  2. @huy tran



  3. omg!! i died waiting in line to get my stuff printed. hour long waits. and for some reason, 6th floor print seemed to be closed way more often than before.

    i recently got a tablet too! i was so excited to get it. i settled on a cheaper tablet from instead. i read many great reviews on it, and how it was comparable, if not just as good as wacom tablets. and i agree, i really do like it. however, i kind of wish i had gotten a smaller one. i think the one i have is 10.5in and it's way too big in my opinion.

    i've never had kettle popcorn before, but i love kettle chips! miss vickies yuuuum!

  4. the sign and video is amazing hahaha

  5. "I AM CANADIAN!" Epic :p
    Congrats on finishing yet another year Helen, enjoy your holidays, but I'm sure that can't be much of a problem ^^
    Waaaa, tablet! If you're used to drawing on it, I would really like to see it, I already know you can write on it :D

    Now I want popcorn...

  6. I always wondered how people could draw using photoshop etc. I somehow thought they were super talented at using the mouse. Hahaha. Ignorance is not bliss in most cases. It just makes one look like an idiot. In this case the idiot is me. LoL. I love popcornnnnnn!

  7. @a,
    Sometimes there are two people on the 2nd floor print shop so it might be faster to go down... what I suggest is to send it online and you'll get an email confirmation once they have printed yours so you can go pick it up. If not, just do homework while waiting =p

  8. @FleurLapin
    YEAH!!! Long before I discovered tablets, I thought people drew with their mice too! So no worries, it's not our fault we didn't know such thing existed :P

  9. Aw no way you got the bamboo tablet! Now you can get even more creative.

    Hm well at least your mom knows the value in shoppers points. Even when I told my mom how shoppers points were better than the gwp she always gets, she never listened until recently -.- And hey, that's the beauty of moms not using their gwp, that's where you come in! Bwhahaha!! My mom buys those gwps too but doesn't use them, so I steal em!
    I'm going to have to skip out on Lisa Cosmetics sale. I went last time and there wasn't much anyway. You going?