Mar 6, 2011


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*Note: this blog post contains mature content. Reader discretion is advised!

During the reading week, I celebrated a friend's birthday with a couple of other people over dinner and drinks. If you follow Glee, it just happened that it was also the week of "Blame it on the Alcohol" episode! I got to witness some of the archetypes that Finn explained to Rachel at the party LOL!

Asian Legend

We had Chinese food because we're asian like that. *double peace sign* Service was bleh, the waiters were high school boys who probably don't get tipped by the restaurant anyway.


The food came really fast, too fast. Weren't even hot *sigh* They filled out tea really fast though, I like tea =D


Ok, I rarely drink so I have no idea what is what in this picture. Apparently that night I had a shot of vodka mixed with orange juice, actually I think I had two of those 'cause diluting the vodka with orange juice wasn't too too bad. The j├Ąger bomb was the most nasty shit ever. It's a herbal thingy... medicine?! Gross! I might've also had Soho with 7up and/or Peach Shenapps with Nestea. I only wanted a beer and call it a day because I'm such a light drinker. But nooooo I gave into peer pressure OMG lol (don't do this kids). I had 2-3 shots but I had to take another shot for the person who was gonna drive me home and that last shot was one shot too much. I was the first person to throw up D= But to my defense the people who didn't throw up passed out quickly.


It's never a good idea to play board game when everyone is tipsy. We didn't even go through the first round and the board was destroyed LOL. But my team won with only 1 pt! By the time I left the place I already recuperated and was sober already so it wasn't even that bad. No hangover, nada.

I can't post pictures of people from the party here for privacy reasons. But let's just say I saw a lot of vomit the other night and it was NOT pretty. So I will conclude this post with drink responsibly kids and certainly don't drink and drive.


  1. Wow... how did you guys destroy the board? LoL. You guys should play Jenga. Best game to play. It's funny because when you're drunk it's the hardest thing in the world to not topple over the thing. Haha.

    I'm not a beer girl. Well I'm not a fan of alcohol period. And I don't give in to peer pressure. Especially with what happened on a snowboarding trip a month ago. LoL.

    Good thing you didn't have a hangover!

  2. LOL! i had the same reaction as FleurLapin's photo when reading this - hand over mouth. luckily for me (@ my party) i went home before all the vomiting started happening. :D *whew*

  3. Oooh, the famous drinking party! :p Well, apart from all the vomiting and passing out, I hope you guys had a great time.
    One tip: Never mix beer and cocktails. Always go up, never go down (unless you go down to no alci at all)

    I'm not much of a board game player, but I know that with a little bit (or a bit more) alcohol even the most boring things can be funny. Like destroying the game, how did you do that?? Ripped the thing in half?

  4. @Bibi; they probably vomited over it xD EWWWW..~

  5. @huy tran Eew, don't even want to think about it ><

  6. @Bibi

    @huy tran

    LOL no we made sure everyone vomits in the sink, toilet or bag lol it wasn't that messy. someone pulled the board off the bed and and called game over >_< so game was over...

  7. @FleurLapin
    nahh someone just pulled the board off the bed and called it game over. YES we should've played Jenga instead of Cranium argggg. What happened on your snowboarding trip? =D

  8. I thought you got drunk at asian legend. That made me laugh haha.

    Hello! Tropicana orange juice to mix with something, very good. These people are rich - usually I see some hi 5 concentrated crap instead. I need to try smoke's poutine. I'm not that into unhealthy stuff and their cheeseburger / super bacon poutine makes me want to throw up. The first time I looked at a picture inside smoke's I almost gagged a little because it was so "unhealthy".. did that make sense? But I do love normal plain poutine. So thank you for the review and I'll stop by soon~

    kevin wants to see the rest of the valentine's day post outfit -_-

    andddd I had dragon fruit for the first time when I was in hongkong. It tasted... okay. Nothing special but looked pretty~~

  9. PS - thanks for always leaving funny little notes for me ^_^ my bestest reader.

  10. Sailor moon? Really? Guess I'll have to put on my cosplay outfit then!! :p

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