Mar 12, 2011

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.

Current Song: Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here

I shot paintballs for the first time during the reading week! It was one of the most intense moments of my life (because I'm a wuss).


So this is the main waiting area. We had our own private games since there were 30+ of us. There is one battlefield so we alternated with open field people.

A frog.

Me: I wanna be in this picture! *jumps in*
Wear something soft to lessen the pain of getting shot and something old that you won't miss if it gets stained.


I took the picture through the glass window so half of it is the battlefield and the other half is the reflection of the lobby. Sorry, there's no battlefield picture; I didn't want to risk the life of my point-and-shoot.

Geared up.

Me in the jumpsuit. What's dangerous about paintball is that the helmet doesn't protect your head fully (not at this location at least) and it will hurt more than getting whipped by an asian parent for getting an A- on your English test. I got shot on my leg — right on the bone — and it hurt like a mother effing aofjawijfwier D=

Will I be doing this again anytime soon? Probably not. But at least now I can say I've shot someone *smirk*


  1. @Jenny Luong
    Nope =( I'm guessing that's the painless alternative to paintball? lol

  2. My body was so sore after go-karting.. for two straight days. And there wasn't even any shooting involved.

    P.S. You still have word verification on. -_-' You need to turn it off!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. Woooo, I'd love to go paintballing!! But it's expensive, and my friends are all wussies -___-
    Did it leave bruises? I know someone who went paintballing, and where she was hit by the bullets, she had these enormous bruises. (it looked painful)

  4. so cool! i've never done paintball before!

  5. sounds intense indeed. my friend's organising to play Paintball during midyears. i hope i don't come out limping @__@.

    *whispers* i'd take photos inside, but knowing that someone might/most likely shoot me or worse, my camera, i'd rather not. ):

  6. Weeeeee! Looks like so much fun. I laughed so much when I saw the second picture. Everyone is in dark colors and you have this really happy grin. Too cute! I have yet to try paintballing!

  7. oooh the first and only time i went paintballing, i got shot in teh size of my face and the paint went throught eh helmet and spattered my cheek with yellow paint. ewwww never again, and i'm a wuss too LOL i just hid behind everything i could find!

  8. Aah, thats quite nice and fun time for you peopel together. Its so good to enjoy while working, as it gives boost to your work effectiveness, and also it helps you to release the stress. nice post dear

  9. Thanks for the hug *hugs back*
    I can't think of any close friends with curls either, so I guess I have to hug myself every once in a while -- how sad.

    Oh there are straightening creams. But I always have the impression they take away too much of the curl, instead of smoothen my hair. All I can do is hydrate hydrate hydrate... Seriously, washing my hair takes almost an hour T.T
    I've straightened my hair a couple of times before (once at the hairdresser -- a long and boring procedure resulting in the biggest disappointment of my life --, and a couple of times using a flat iron). It always looked weird, as if it wasn't me.

    You always visit different hairdressers? Wow, and I'm afraid to change mine XP Though I really should look for another one, because it pisses me off there are always new girls. Last time I went there I didn't know any of the girls working there. And my hair needs some familiarity (it doesn't curl as much left as it does right), and some hairdressers seem to forget curly hair gets a lot shorter once it dries -___-

  10. I’ve always loved to try paintball but those available in my country is pathetic, as in the land area is so small compared to other countries. And I’m a wuss not coz I do not want to risk getting bruises all over my limbs but coz I hear the helmets no not really smell good. =D

  11. I still have yet to try this once. Problem is gathering a group large enough to form teams. Did your leg bruise?

  12. @Jo
    I didn't have a problem with smells when I went but I would not do it if the helmet smelled lol ewwww!

    Yea getting a group of people is hard.. I think it's best if you go with a school club or any existing team that you belong to in/out of school =)

  13. These pictures reminded me of my older days, when I was in university. We used to do such types of acts during our project work. That was such an awesome feeling, I am missing those days so much. Great sharing dear

  14. What a great time, you have spent together. what a great and joyful time. I am missing my older days, as I also spent the similar time with my crew. nice sharing

  15. Omg Helen that is so sick. You got to go paintballing!! LOL, I'm a bigger wuss than you... I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to go.