Feb 19, 2011


Current Song: Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Year 3 Semester 2 Weeks 3-5.

I must've told you guys already that I like fatty food right? Unfortunately, poutine isn't one of them. However, there's a chain here in Toronto (already growing rapidly to the rest of Canada) called Smoke's Poutinerie and they sell nothing but poutine (and drinks). I haven't had poutine since high school and so I went in and tried Smoke's the other week and I must say, poutine just isn't something I'm crazy about. I had to try it because one of my assignments for Copywriting class was to write 100 headlines to sell their poutine. That's right, ONE HUNDRED.

Smoke's Poutine - Traditional

Their poutines come in two sizes; this is the small. I must say, peopled love this big mouthful of heart attack. Since the target is young men, who wouldn't be attracted to an orgy of fries frying, gravy dripping, curds squeaking, and everything else that's good?

Smoke's Poutine - Cheeseburger (?)

This is the large and yes it looks repulsive. You can seriously get into a food coma from eating this. Poutine is actually considered to be comfort food (tastes fantastic with beer) but with portion sizes like this, it's a hefty load of comfort. So, common sense (is) not required to drink and dine. When drunk.

Custom Cupcake in the making

Okay, time for something cuter? I went to the bake sale (as mentioned in a previous post) and I asked my friend (who made the cupcakes) to ice a plain cupcake on the spot for me 'cause I wanted a custom made one ahahaha. These cupcakes are sooo good! Thanks Vince =D

One of a Kind

I thought it said Helen Hi (and a flower) but it actually isn't a Hi, it's my logo! It wasn't until later when I looked at the picture again that I realized this. Stupid me.


For one of my classes, we had to come up with a logo for ourselves. This is what mine looks like. I probably will change it in the near future but for now this will do. It's HLi.

So it's reading week for me this week which means I don't have school! *celebrates*


  1. Poutine is okay for once in a while but I'm not crazy about it. I haven't had one in a loong time though, where is this Smoke's Poutine place?

    LOL, couldn't recognize your own logo..

  2. i like poutine once in a while :) but seeing ur picture makes me want to have one now! haha

  3. haha I think I would die if I ate there, though it sounds intriguing. I'm not a fan of junk food, but I may go and try one of their poutines myself one day. : )

    Great edit of your logo! At least you strayed away from the Holt Renfrew copy. *phew* Wonder if there would've been a lawsuit. LOL

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. LoL. I haven't had the opp to eat poutine. I didn't know what it was until BrutalTurtle told me what it was. LoL. I would try it out once. Although the second one looks a bit too much. Haha.

    I thought your cupcake also said "Hi" like as in greeting. Hahaha.

  5. Poutine? Never had it. Looks greasy and very very filling. Hehe, "repulsive" is the right word I guess. Hope it tastes better than what it looks like :p

    I also thought the cupcake said Hi. Maybe it's saying both Hi and Helen Li, so then it would be Hi Helen Li...

  6. vive les poutines!! =D

    i love your logo! it reminds me that i did this for my class. mine is simple xD

  7. @~Lisa
    I just went to the one that's a couple minutes of walk from my school but there's about 5 locations in downtown.. just google their location and you'll see

    Young people love this stuff lol and it does taste better than it looks! I just can't seem to love the taste :s

  8. Born This Way by Lady Gaga is such a good song. Also, Hold It Against Me both have been on replay.

    Your logo looks pretty cool. It kind of reminds me of the chinese chinese fortune sign (you know the ones that people hang on their doors upside down to bring in good fortune for the new year).

    Hope you're enjoying your reading week so far :)

  9. Haha, yes I did draw all the pictures. 8 years of artclasses did pay off :p Photoshopping took more time than drawing. And I didn't even clean up the scans properly (not at all, actually, just filled in the colour and that's it :p)
    And yes, my friend has HIGH standards. I wonder if her future bf will look anything like this utopia-man she wants.
    Aah, I still like being single very much. No bf to worry about :p

  10. I've always wanted to eat there!
    I love all your food pics even if you don't like the food haha!

  11. I like the logo too, I feel like it encompasses many things. I've never had poutine :x

  12. I love your logo! And dang look at all that food. Lucky you get to stuff your face... I'm trying to lose weight but failing epically.

    Hehehe I didn't know I was enabling you ;P MORE POWER TO ME bwhahaha! Lol, actually I had to get used to the purple contacts to be honest with you. I was like... er... does this look weird? O__o I think I'm more used to how contacts look now. Oh I forgot to mention that the only problem I have with the Tri-Color lenses is that they don't center well =\

  13. HAHA omg... I didn't even realize how random my post was until you pointed it out. I was trying to fill in the awkwardness but I think I failed even harder XD

  14. Ah yes, honesty and loyalty should be on there as well. But I guess since I'm supposed to get along with my bf, he'll probably (hopefully) be honest and loyal anyway. Dishonest and cheating people aren't really in my book...

  15. @jooLee
    You should! All my classmates love it lol

    Hmm.. I know New York Fries serves some sort of poutine.. you should try it :)

    @Natalie Nguyen
    Damn it Nat you don't need to lose weight!

  16. The poutine looks surprisingly tasty. I've never tried it before, but it sounds pretty good! :3

  17. woah heart attack in a box or what. I'm really curious as how it taste like. Is that bacon in the second one?
    Oh and i despise cotton dress because it always fluff up. As in those tiny fluff balls appear out of no where after a few wash. I think its because i use machine isntead of hand wash. :((