Dec 27, 2010

Meeting New People (part 6)

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Well if it isn't another Toronto Beauty Enthusiast hangout! This time I got to meet Vo, whom I've never met before, and Maria, whom I've met once before but have yet to feature on my blog =)

Sushi Couture - 456 Bloor Street West



Spider Maki


Unknown 2

Salmon Teriyaki

Fresh Oyster

Unknown 3

Unknown 4 with crunch (HAHA)

Unknown 5

Unknown 6

Unknown 7

Unknown 8

Unknown 9

Unknown 10 (This was on the house! Some sort of fish...)

Sandy | Jen | Joanna | Vo | Fiona

Sheryl | Maria | Me | Irene

You can read about our Summer (and first) get together here! [click]


  1. *jealous* must organize one in vancouver =P better include me in one when i visit!

    (I'm going to start writing beauty articles for an online website! so excited =D)

  2. LoL. I was going to say.... you got a ton a food for a few people. That is until I scrolled down and there were a lot of people. Ahhh sushi looks sooo good. I haven't had any in such a long time! Yummm

  3. @Pattie Hey, I already have a whole post dedicated to you lol! But one if never enough of course =p

  4. The food looks so yummy. I wish there was a meetup here!

  5. sushi! i haven't eat sushi for long time o__o

  6. All the food... *drools* I think this 'meeting new people' series is quite fun to read/do! It's great you got to meet so many people through your blog, and actually see them in real life!! Makes me also want to do something like this... Have a happy new year in advance hun!

  7. Oh and hun, I've got a tag waiting for you!! Come see it here! Feel free to do it if you want to ^^

  8. I LOVE this posts! Just looking at the pics makes me green with envy.. but with love as well!! Such delicious beautiful food!! Happy New Year :)