Aug 5, 2010


August 5, 2010 6:35am - Sunrise

One day I will be on top of the mountain and witness sunrise in full view.


  1. i would LOVE to witness a sunrise in full view. I've only watched a sunrise on a beach but i'm sure its nothing compared to being on top of a mountain! =)

    glad you liked our robotic shoutout. hahaha! ;P

    have a great week!

  2. helenwelen,

    so this was the staying up tweet. Glad you got a picture of it. When I study I see the sun rise too often and so I feel no romanticism towards this... normally when I see the sun I know time's almost up and I get even angrier :S

    last post:
    very clever to make the text white.... youre worth so much more than what he deserves (which is nothing at all) so just forget it. I have a new metaphor to tell you:
    if life is like a chapter of experiences then you must experience these chapters to get to the end (happiness with someone). If you just skip to the last part, the rest of the book would be empty! This was a wonderful chapter and now we await an even better future in your book.

  3. replying to you:

    hopefully if I catch a glimpse of the dalai lama I can put up my ultimate post title "Dalai lama meets the turtle". :)

    Small world this is - how you know the blue shirt guy in my pictures. He must've been skipping school :S

    andrew made the wrong choice to go with fillet o fish :P that mcdonalds was so cheap they made the burgers half it's normal size. His burger was like 2 bites! at least my big mac was filling you know?