Aug 20, 2010


30 days, I had my hair in three different styles. Which one is your favourite?

My hair grows extremely slow and took me way too long to get to this length *sigh*

I had fun with a curling iron. Minnie Mouse anyone?

Decided to get a haircut before school begins. The girl cut it way shorter than I wanted. Oh well, hair will grow back.


To accept change is to accept growth. If we don't grow, we will never learn. If we never learn, we can only stand still while the rest of world continues to move forward. Always look forward and never look back.

Love everyone around you because one day you may lose your loved ones. If you have treasured every moment spent with them, then you will not have regrets. Sometimes the best way to attain happiness if to know when to let go.

p.s cherish


  1. Awww, you look cute in all three pictures! I kind of like the waviness of the hair in the second pic. Doesn't look too done up! I wish my hair did that. Personally, I love short hair. I've had short hair for the past year and half but I'm getting bored of it so I'm growing it out. LoL

    You have really nice lips. Gosh... I hope that doesn't sound creepy XD They're really full and luscious looking. Hahaha!

  2. i like the first! hehe i can imagine you with long hair if you pretend your vest is part of your hair

  3. I like your new cut! I find it refreshing to chop off my hair before a new venture. Am considering cutting my hair shorter before Sept, as I'm going back to school then

  4. i like the bob ;)
    i took the other route and took off my aim and website links. i also untagged myself in a bunch of pix and took off all the curse words i could think off in pic captions LOL

    i'm too nice -.- LOL

    the longer hair also looks nice

  5. Yea my hair is super long now plus since my hair is naturally wavy and crazy I spend at least an hour when I want to straighten it.

    Oh yes I would definitely be interested in coming to CNE with you guys. I'm actually going tomorrow too. Just let me know well ahead of time what the date will be so I can book it off.

  6. they are all girls and thus their opinions are irrelevant.

    first pic of you is sexiest. I don't know why, but I am a guy I looked at all 3 and I am most attracted to the 1st pic so there you go~


  7. i like you the best as minnie mouse! haha! so cute! ;D but i do love the short hair look on you, you wear it well! :)

  8. hi... i like all the hairstyles but i had to pick just one, i'd defintely pick the bob... :)

  9. i like the first one!, but there all cute! but i think straight hair suits you better though =)