Jul 14, 2010

Two decades

This post is inspired by Kevin. You will see little Helen from birth to six years old. Maybe I'll do a part two when I find more pictures =)

Note: you may notice that the following pictures are consistent in that
1. I was born with very faint eyebrows
2. I've had either no hair or short hair
3. I only had home-cut hair for those years

7.5 months old. I was born healthy, weighed a good amount and chubby like all other babies. The amount of clothes I had on definitely contributed to how bulky I looked =)

8.5 months old. Look at how thick diapers use to be! So thick they kept the crotch area of pants open. By the way, mom use to make my diapers out of cloths and washed them after every use. Even if disposable diapers were available back then, no one would be able to afford them.

The back of this photo says: Quality paper, made in Germany. Mom use to work at a photography studio and this was taken there. On my first birthday, I got a cake that was bigger than me! Mom also said she shaved my head to get rid of my baby hair so when I grow up, I won't have baby hair going all over the place. It didn't work mom! Mom also wanted a boy, but instead she got me. She gave me a unisex name which I never liked. She prefers short hair and so did my grandma. Up until I was eight, you'll see that my hair never passed my shoulders.

I think I was 3.5 years old here. I was born to be good with boys! Haha just kidding. On the left is my cousin, who happens to be my only cousin in Toronto right now so I actually don't have that many relatives. On the right is me. Doesn't it look like two boys?

4 years old - ish. I had a couple cats (not at once). The last one ran away with another cat, no joke.

5 years old - ish. If you know what I was eating, you are damn cool haha. Typical Chinese breakfast. I remember when my teacher in kindergarten asked me what I liked to draw, I told her I liked to draw houses so people can live in them. You can see that I also liked to build houses =) In my last year of high school, I considered going into architecture but seeing that my grades sucked, I never applied.

This was probably my 6th birthday. I use to love wearing dresses and cute sandals. I was born in the summer time and that's usually when my grandma would force a haircut on me. So my hair never looked nice during summer times. My hair finally got slightly longer in this picture but you can see how my bangs were unevenly cut. Hey, at least I pulled off red lipstick!

End of photo album one. My grandpa is an amazing artist and I have inherited my artistic genes from him. He put together this photo album for me. Without it I would not have remembered these childhood memories.


  1. Aww.........!!!
    How adorable!!!
    I didn't live with the reusable diapers, lol but I was also close to bald when I was younger too. XD

    And I would get those blunt bangs and short hair cut! I call it the mushroom cut...though I don't think it's exactly a mushroom..

  2. cute!!! my head got shaved too but my grandma said it was to avoid sweat lol

  3. these pictures are absolutely adorable and I loved how you wrote up the post itself. That's pretty wicked how your mom worked at a photography studio, I was quite taken back when I read it.

    About your architectural dream - now I get what you told me in the emails about doing physics and stuff! Things always turn out better in the end. Our paths were chosen this way for a reason... tough it out kiddo. I love what I study/do for a living and I bet you do too regardless.

    Nice bit about grandpa being an artist as well =D I think if I ended up in the same profession as my dad, he wouldn't be able to hold back a huge smirk. Good post!

    My name with the link thing leads nowhere! Not that it matters!

  4. XD too cute :P
    I think...that in a way I was kinda cute as a kid...that...changed once I hit puberty and started gaining weight. then it kinda went up just a little bit, when I started dressing a bit better and wearing makeup.
    oh the youthful days...
    maybe ill do a post like this too :P
    wonder where the album is...