Jun 15, 2011

Summer is over.

Fact: Summer is coming to an end.

Back in April, I landed a (full-time) summer job (to be discussed in a future post) which I didn't really need since I don't plan on quitting my current part-time job any time soon. However, my parents had "asked" me (more like forced lol) to pay for my own tuition this year. I made an estimate of how many hours I'd have to work at min. wage to pay for tuition and let's just say I have many many many hours to go *sigh* Thank god I took summer school last year and only need to pay for 8 courses now instead of 10.


The job requires me to be CPR/First Aid certified and I took the 2-day course a couple weeks ago :) Aren't limbless dummies scary?!?!

So while my sister is counting down to her summer holiday, I'm counting down to the end of summer. ~ So long my last summer as a student ~


  1. haha! oh dear... i think im gonna be doing that to my kid when i'm older... "hey go pay for your own school! me and your dad are broke cus of you!" hahaha... okay... maybe not to that extreme! but still!

    anyways... grr... summer is BARELY beginning here in Las Vegas and I'm not loving it :[ But hey... winter is coming up for you soon! that should be exciting for you {;


  2. the First Aid course that i did for my Scout badgework was fun as. learned so many interesting stuff like DRABC ^^ CPR on dummies is tiring.. ;__;

  3. Sounds brutal >< But hey at least now you're certified for CPR!

  4. my summer isn't over =( everyone that i know are already in vacations >.<!

    the dummies look scary o__O

  5. Summer has yet to start! Still have an exam to go, and my presentation *nerves*
    Ew, yes, CPR dummies are scary. Maybe I should follow First Aid courses. Maybe they'll come in handy someday.

  6. I've never seen such a cute CPR dummy. It reminds me of lego... Or is it Duplo? Those people have got no limbs back then.

    I paid for my own tuition fee by working part time during the holidays and I understand how difficult it was. But trust me, you would feel really accomplish and capable after that. Most of my peers had the privilege of having parents to pay for their tuition fees. Some opted for bank loans. I felt really proud of myself putting myself through school when I started working and realises I don't owe my parents or any banks. =)

    Enjoy your last summer as a student!

  7. Oh wow, your parents will no longer help even a little? My husband had to pay for his entire undergraduate tuition and did so by working two part time jobs. But I know you can do it. =)

    Haha. That CPR dummy does look a bit scary. O.o Great blog. New follower. Hope you follow back.


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  8. I wish you all the best! :)
    We all are always here to support you.

  9. i tried cpr lessons before, really creepy to work with dummies! lol