Feb 10, 2011

I've Been Tagged (part 4)

Cinnabunnie tagged for me the Stylish Blog Award! Thanks! I have to share 7 things about me! I hope I haven't mentioned the following on my previous blog posts yet hehe.

1. I feel stupid when I'm working. Back when I worked at Mcdonald's and had to deal with cash, it saddened me at times that I couldn't do mental math when customers gave me more loose coins than what I initially punched in the system. By then it was already too late to return to the previous screen so I would ponder how much change I need to give back. This is coming from someone who enjoyed math class very much in high school *sigh*


2. I was the shiest child ever. I never said hi to any of my relatives, so never mind everyone else. You could threaten to kill me and I wouldn't make a sound when we had guests over. I was known as the child that didn't speak. I'm still growing out of that shell but I've come a long way since then.

3. I pay more attention in classes where I'm not registered in. There's no pressure to have to study for tests and write essays. The thoughts of being graded makes learning less fun in my opinion.

Dragonfruit w/ cutout heart shape

4. I am selfless. I put everyone else ahead of me. I don't neccesarily see this has a positive thing because sometimes I end up hurting myself. I need to try to be more selfish perhaps?

5. I've never broken a bone, hence never had a cast. Does this mean I play life safe? Is it weird that I want to get a cast at least once in my lifetime?! I don't mind if it's just a finger lol.


6. The first time someone asked me "what's up" , I literally looked up and said "ceiling". Since then it has become my signature statement haha. To my defense though, I was still learning English.

7. In grade one, I was playing tag with friends and I was running so fast that when I turned corner, I slipped and fell on my face. I scraped my face on the pavement and it took weeks for my face to heal. Good thing it didn't leave a scar.


  1. 3/7 of these things apply to me as well! i really struggle with math (explains why i went into design in the first place). i get very flustered when i have to make a purchase with cash. i can't seem to count coins or do the math fast enough in my head. it makes me feel really dumb and embarrassed! :(

    i'm also quite shy as well, and i've never broken a bone in my life. though i'd have to say i do not wish to anytime, ever! the thought of a broken bone makes me cringe!!


  2. omg for the first 5 things..I feel like you & I are soooooooooo alike.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. the last time i played Tag my books fell out of my bag & i had to go back and get them, but i got tagged picking them up. that bastard knew my bag zip was slowly opening.. :p

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  5. hehe there were too many spelling mistake soo i deleted it =P.....

    "same here!!! I work as a sales associate and I hate it when they give me extra change after I've punched in the amount =[.....and when I was in grade 6 or 7 and I fell off the bike because I love doing/trying stunts LOL (I was too young to try riding the bike standing up with my hands off >< I fell hard, bled hard and now I have a scar on my knee =[) but at least I can KINDA do the stunt now!! =P"

  6. Oh my goodness yes!! I hate when my mind goes to a blank while attempting to do easy math problems T^T I'm very shy too, too used to my comfort zone, def trying to get more out there.

  7. Omg... I'm the same way. I'm selfless too which is terrible because people take advantage of that. Even with my closest friends, I make sure that I don't give up too much on my end (time etc). t sucks sometimes because I'm the type of person to want to give to the people I love. And I was shy too! Although I don't talk to people now because I'm too lazy to give a shit. Haha.

    And y not? Everyday you're with your guy it should be fun an relaxed. Haha.

  8. hey helen! thanks for following my blog, i was sneaking through yours and i love reading everything! it's so nice to find other toronto girls here on blogspot=)