Sep 25, 2012

Zooey Cupcake

Cat ladies, I totally understand you now.


Hey Cupcakes, meet my kitty Zooey! Zooey was abandoned by her mom in my backyard late May/early June and we've been taking care of her since. My parents didn't want to commit to her so up until two weeks ago, she sort of just lived in the backyard. BUT my parents finally caved in as the weather is getting cooler and Zooey got her first shot last week!

Zooey is a hit in the fam. My mom who use to say she hates pets because they are dirty now LOVES Zooey. I mean, she holds Zooey like a baby all the time and even carries her to the mailbox to get mail O_O. I just don't understand women sometimes.


Zooey slept on my bed for the first couple of nights but I might've squished/kicked her in my sleep so she doesn't sleep on my bed anymore :( Damn her bed is nicer than mine! She's also shedding her baby fur so you can see the new hair is darker and less full from her head to just below the neck.


Just look at that adorable face! She likes to hide between the crevasses of my bed. Here she's trying to figure out what I'm doing with the camera. *snaps pic* Also, the eyes dilate at night which makes them humongous! Gaahhh I just wanna squish her.


  1. So cutee!! I remember a mother cat and her kittens used to live in my backyard for a while, then they moved on. I'm glad your parents eventually agreed to keep her!

  2. I'm glad someone does Helen. Thanks for the support =)

  3. Zooey is super cute :)
    Now you are a crazy cat lady! yay! haha its okay, I'm a crazy dog lady :P

  4. Your cat is cute! If I ever get a cat of my own, I want a fluffy one like Zooey. But I also want a red tomcat, like the one in the Aristocats... ADOPT ALL THE KITTIES!!
    ryc: you should definitely come to Europe if you have the chance! But don't just visit Belgium, also visit France, and Germany, and Italy, and all the other countries :D

    Guess what? I managed to succesfully take a roundabout with my instructor, how 'bout that? I was so proud of myself ^^ We should both be proud that we're learning something new!

  5. I totally agree!! Guess just has this snobby aura I can't stand. When my mom used to shop in there, I would just hate every moment of it haha. I guess that's what happens with gifts when the person doesn't know you very well. They may get you things that don't suit you. Or maybe it's a sign hm.

  6. Helen! How have you been girl? I'm off Facebook for the time being so I've been living under a rock lol.
    I met my boyfriend at work (go figure). It feels a little unreal because I've been out of the game for so long.

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, I will keep the luau chicken in mind next time I go to Pickle Barrel again. I should be more like you and force myself to get used to the taste of something. It'd be useful especially when it comes to alcohol. I seriously want to at least have the option to drink wine or champagne.

  8. Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx
    Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

  9. Thanks for the recommendation Helen! When I'm in the market for another red I'll definitely keep it in mind :)