Sep 7, 2012

revisiting Shanghai (part 2)

Now that summer is over and I'm no longer slaving away at two jobs, the life story of Helen Cakes resumes.

p.s you'll be seeing my green utility jacket a lot 'cause it's the lightest thing to carry around! I had to pack light because three-quarter of the things I brought to and back from China weren't even mine! Damn those Chinese people who wants everything foreign. I kid you not, the security at the airport made me open my grandma's carry-on and what she thought was probably crystal meth turned out to be two bottles of SEA SALT from Costco. The security guard and I shared the same are you kidding me, salt? face and I wanted to smack my face right there and then.

72.1 Anyway, Al and I visited the Shanghai zoo! Here are some highlights.

72.2 The lazy tiger. I did not pay the ¥40 just to see a damn tiger lying around! Growl damn it!!!

72.3 As expected, lots of Chinglish signs in China! But don't worry, there won't be any animal injury with lazy tigers like the one in the picture above ;) p.s the sign is really saying: caution, animal may cause injury to humans.

72.5 This sign definitely made up for it though. You press the button near the pelvis area of the tiger and "pee" shoots out from the butt hole. You can see it faintly in this photo.

72.4 Here's the thing that really pissed me off. There were signs that said DO NOT FEED ANIMALS, yet these fucking Chinese people were still throwing food at the bear, hence why the bear was sitting and looking up trying to catch food.

72.6 I'll end the post on a lighter note. When I laugh hysterically, I inhale (as I was told) so I sound like a seal. Al thought it would be hilarious for me to take a photo by this seal sticker; so I did, and I posed for it! arrr arrr arrrrrrrr


  1. UGH, I hate it when people take advantage of your luggage space when they hear that you're traveling. Thank gawd I'm not too close to extended family and family friends that I wouldn't have to go through that. I wouldn't mind too much bringing stuff to wherever I'm going, so long as it doesn't interfere with the amount of stuff I'm bringing back hahaha. I often wonder about the things people decide to bring back out of all the things... like your grandma and the sea salt... WHY?? LOL.

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to say... you worked TWO jobs?! Geeze, I'm dying at one over here :P

  3. OHHH... that makes more sense. I read it wrong and thought your grandma was bringing salt back to Canada hahaha. Yeah I tend to carry a lot around with me, that goes for my wallet and my bag =S My sister gave up on wallets too! She carries around a wristlet like you.

  4. Helen you are too cute xD

    I took Pepper from Costco when I went. It was whole peppers in a grinder. Was cool. Just not uber cool that it was worth taking to Korea. I also had to take a billion vitamins as my mothers sisters are all very old.

    I did bring back something interesting though. My friend needed me to bring back this record cleaner thing for her dad. It was a brick! Well it felt like a brick and the scanner thought it was a they laughed at me when I told them that it was a record cleaner. "Who the hell uses that now adays?" well apparently my friends dad...

    the peeing thing is awesome xD but...why?

  5. Please I am Chinese and I don't feed zoo animals
    please mind you language

    these fucking Chinese people were still throwing food at the bear