Nov 7, 2011

Yo. I'm back.

I tried out a new Viet place last year near school (and blogged about it here). I said I would return to try something new.. and I finally did (2 months ago lol)!
On Dundas, East of University

I like how this place is always so clean :)

I opted for Pad Thai; the rest were ordered by my friends.

61.2 61.3 61.4 I've been M.I.A for the past 2 months BUT I have been collecting blog material!!! You'll be seeing lots of posts from me in the upcoming weeks! p.s I have been reading all your blogs but just haven't had the time to comment/reply yet D= I'll get to it a.s.a.p


  1. Hi Helen! How did you and your friends like the food at Pho Orchid? It's definitely super clean and a place for Pho right in the middle of DT when you don't feel like walking out to Spadina or Broadview.

  2. Welcome back! The place looks really nice :3 Looking forward to your future posts (:

    welcome back! i haven't been hearing
    in my comments lately. \:

    will be expecting more posts now! and write more! :D

  4. i really hated this place. i was there last summer (2010) and the pho was awful! not sure if they've improved or not

  5. hi! my site is back. please come visit!

  6. Not lying but that food looks delicious!

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    Greetings from Finland

    xx Heidi