May 26, 2010

Meeting New People (part 1)

Fellow youtuber/blogger Patty from Vancouver visited Toronto over the long weekend! She was in town to see Taylor Swift's concert on Saturday and we hung out for a little bit on Sunday. Sunday was the beginning of beautiful weather in Toronto! I almost whipped out a dress, which I should've since it was pretty hot in comparison to previous days.

I snapped this picture while waiting for the bus to go downtown, beautiful day eh?

Patty got me a Starbucks scone =) Thanks Patty! It's my first scone! I don't drink coffee so I rarely go to Starbucks. The only Starbucks I go to for pastries is the one in Robarts (U of T's St George campus library).

We went to the Art Square Cafe & Crepe located across the street from the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). It's a neat little cafe with half of it being a gallery/hang out (they have wi-fi too!) and the other half being the cafe part shown in the picture. (Photo credit: Art Square Cafe)

I guess this was lunch? Patty ordered the Canadian Breakfast. Looks yummy!

I ordered the Very Berry Crepe.. I love my berries! And you know something is good when they have a picture of it on the menu! I have to admit though, it was a bit weird eating warm fruit.

Final picture.. wish I can smile with teeth =_= Definitely gotta work on that.
I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Toronto! Next time you come back and when I get my G license, I'll show you around uptown Toronto =)

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  1. I miss Toronto already. It was raining and freezing cold today. *miserable* I hope you get your license soon because I might come back in March! =P