Aug 14, 2011

We can do whatever, be whoever we like.

Ever since August had begun, my energy level just went downhill =( Mainly because I haven't been going to bed at 10pm like I usually do lol But omg, only two more weeks of camp left! It's gonna be a bittersweet goodbye D=

Minnie Mouse

Every Wednesday is a themed day at camp and everyone is encourage to dress up! This is probably my most successful one hehe. One of my campers let me wear her gloves. I seriously want a pair now! Do they sell these at the Disney store? (or perhaps this calls for a trip down to Florida! haha)


Lol, drawing on another staff's knee on a moving school bus XD Fun times fun times.

Kids: is that permanent?
Me: YES! It's a tattoo.
Kids: but that's a pen.
Me: well it's a permanent pen *smiles*
Kids: *confused*
Me: Ok it's washable.
Kids: *relief*

Claymation Slide

Being at camp these past weeks made me realize that I missed out a lot as a kid. Why didn't my parents send me to camp? All those summers I just sat at home and watched t.v., wasted. :( But luckily, while I only worked half days these past couple of days, I was able to crash other camps and relive my childhood! I will share my creations in a future post :) As for now, I need to sit back and relax the rest of my Sunday.


  1. awww you look adorable! i love those mickey gloves! i saw them in the disney store once

  2. You look so cute! haha I've seen those gloves in a few stores.. Disney and some at Pmall : )

  3. Nice dress up Helen! I would suck if I had to dress up because 1. I fail at putting things together and 2. My closet does not allow for dress-up LOL.

  4. Hahaha, Helen! Ooooo how I love your Minnie Mousey-self. The hands are hilarious, I didn't know they made big plushie hands like that!

    Summer camp... As a kid I've only been to two camps, I think? But it was a good experience, because they taught me how to stay away from home without missing my parents too much. And usually they were fun too (except for one camp, where I was teased by the other kids, boooo)

  5. re: Ah, I was wondering, maybe you'd use something else besides iMovie. Thanks though! :) Too bad iMovie didn't work for me :(