Jul 13, 2011

I'm superwoman.

You know you love your jobs when you've had a 62-hour work week and you're not hating on life.


First week of camp went well.. a little bumpy on Monday when I nearly lost my voice but the rest of the week turned out better than expected. I'm still getting use to having my name called every 20 seconds though (not an exaggeration). I don't blame them; I have to take them to the washroom even if they are like 14 years old (camp rule). Camp is keen on supervision which is a pain in the butt especially when you need to stay in ratio and feel like you are short-staffed.

Miss. Helen

YES teaching is a very rewarding career (I can finally validate this saying myself now!). Unfortunately, I don't see myself teaching in the future but kudos to those who do! Appreciate your teachers, professors and mentors!


The same boy who drew the picture of me also gave me this yellow flower during lunch time and my heart just melted. It was definitely the highlight of my week. I actually don't like real flowers but his gesture made me want to give him the biggest bear hug ever... except no hugging is allowed at camp *sigh* (only side hugs). He even asked me if I'll be returning to camp next year to teach again! Wohoo!

Looking forward to my day off this Sunday after 13 consecutive days of work ^_^ Meanwhile, I shall pass out on my bed for 8 hours. Good night =D


  1. Yay! Nothing is better than loving the work that you do! Enjoy it while you can ^^

  2. Oh and because my Google Reader is being all wonky, I had to type in 'helencakes' into google search engine. First thing popped up I clicked on it thinking it would be you. Turns out is a cake bakery thing LOL. I was like "Hey, wait a minute... I've been conned!" Thought I'd tell you that just because =P

  3. Omg props 62hrs of work!! It's a good thing to hear though that you like your job :D

  4. wowww 62 hours???? yes you are super woman!
    awww i adorable kids like that.
    I used to teach children how to draw and some would give me hugs and draw me pictures and write me letters. I think that is the most rewarding thing when working with children!

  5. ah, i miss camping days as a child! and i LOVE working with kids... i prefer younger ones though b/c the older they get, the more attitude they give you! (especially in the tweens stage) - but of course there are still some good eggs ;) it's definitely rewarding in the end!